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An Inspiration to Healers

November 27, 2009 2 comments

Check out this news on how Elisabeth Jensen, founder of the Isis Mystery School, gradually healed a man in a coma after a nasty accident.

Oh well, maybe one day… 😉

Elisabeth Jensen is also the Teacher to my own Teacher. Find out more here.


Invoking Protection

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

All Healing sessions begin with a prayer/call for protection. When we meditate or heal, we might open up channels to other energy beings – ‘spirits’ are also energy beings, albeit undirected or ‘lower energies’.

I call them ‘lower energies’ because in the Buddhist point-of-view, energies that are bound by their desire (Tanha) hence become Earthbound Spirits, unable to move forward to their next incarnation or soul purpose.

So before any healing, we normally call upon our protectors to watch over us as we work. Archangel Michael is a favorite protector against darker energies and psychic attacks. Sometimes he stays a little longer, cleansing our physical spaces of residual energies with his wings of fire, engulfing the entire room.

Call upon Archangel Michael in times of fear or when you are disturbed by wandering spirits.

If you are more inclined to a Buddhist approach, call upon Goddess Sitatapatra – the White Umbrella Boddhisatva. Her energy is also fiery and cleansing – warm, searing, and bright. She made her presence known to me one year before I started healing-work (only lately I realized why she had come into my life so early on).

Goddess Sitatapatra opens her great white umbrella – made of golden-white energy – to shield you as you work or meditate. It is so huge that it covers my entire house! Any wonder souls that approach will be instantly driven towards the light (like that centipede spirit that insisted on paying us several visits… )

When Lightworkers do their work, the light of compassion that radiates from their Heart Chakra becomes like a beacon of light to those wandering souls. They often seek revenge, or cannot forget their loved ones; but whatever it is, their desires leave them in a constant state of suffering and pain for not being able to move on to the next incarnation stage.

For all to come to us, it is our obligation to point the way towards the light. And while we will never have ALL the answers, everyday is a lesson for us as we strive towards spiritual perfection.

Stay safe!

P.S. In case you’re wondering – Fire is consistently considered the cleansing element in almost every spiritual system. In fact, our 3rd Chakra at the Solar Plexus is considered as the ‘Lotus of Fire’ – when properly developed, allows one to resist (or even destroy) black magic and psychic attacks.


November 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Today a friend of mine asked me, “Hey, I read your blog. You really can see all those things?”

I presume he meant all those energy forms and entities. (Just what I need – another person thinking I’m a loony…) I don’t literally SEE; instead I would say that I PERCEIVE – well, okay, sometimes I do ‘see’ in my mind’s eye when something is going on in a client’s energy field. Anyway, for example today while I was giving a short healing session (I will call these Rejuvenation sessions from here on, which lasts about 35 mins) to The Swan client, her second session from last week.

During the ‘aligning of the spine’ (to make sure energy from the top Chakra reaches the bottom last one), the Chakra at the throat had a slight ‘bump’ – in fact, twice my hands went askew as it was passing nearby it.

After the session I asked her if she had a sore throat, to which she said, “Yes, I just saw the doctor yesterday. How did you know?”

The answer was as above 🙂 That’s how ‘perceiving’ works. Most Healers use their Hands not only as channels for energy, but also to feel or scan the client’s energy field for irregularities.

And the thing with ‘perceiving’ is that sometimes you get a flash of something and you instantly know what it is. Someone has asked me before, do these energy beings (Egyptian Gods) communicate in English or Egyptian? It’s a funny, but legitimate question. The answer is, neither!

Energy beings don’t speak in that way. Psychic communication goes through feelings, and not words. Most of time, one touch/feel can tell you a whole paragraph.

And hey, The Swan tells me that her lower back is improving already since last week 😉

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the palm of the hands, as well as the soles of out feet, houses a minor Chakra each. The function of the feet Chakra is to release excess energy back to the Earth. Similarly, it can receive energies from the Earth. These points are governed by the Root Chakra. The Chakras at the palms allow us to transmit energy, and they are directly governed by the central Heart Chakra. Some teachings view these Chakras as Eyes (refer White Tara), while others as Lotuses, and some, spinning orbs of energy.

And sometimes you can even receive energy through the palms: Like when Isis stands next to you and reaches out her palm – reach out yours, too.

Grocery-Shopping Angels?

November 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Someone was complaining, with much disgust – “How can the archangels become like servants to do the bidding of these so-called healers who are human?”

Oh my. Whatever gave people that impression.

We call upon our guardian angels, our spirit guides, not to do our bidding, but to (hopefully) impart wisdom and guidance to our everyday lives. As Healers, we also call upon the blessings of these higher evolved energy pools to guide us in healing. Sometimes the healing process can be accelerated when we can see the ’cause’ of the illness. And sometimes – if the Universe or karmic time permits – our guides and angels can help remove certain obstacles or illnesses when the timing is just right. That being said, when the soul-lesson has been learned.

I do not believe we can ‘instruct’ our angels and guides to do us little favors. Nor is it right. Kinda disrespectful. At most, we can only pray that our angels and guides lend a helping hand in our times of need. And only when we truly deserve it! The idea of ‘I need something so I shall pray for it’ is not so appropriate, I think. Hence I always say:

“Find God not when we are sad or in need. Find God when we are happy and not in need. Only then can we truly appreciate what we have ALREADY been given!”

Hope you get my drift.

I am not highly attuned to angelic energy and presence. I have only ‘met’ a few in my healing work – Archangel Michael with the fiery wings, and Archangel Azreal who isn’t fond of talking. I work more closely with the animal spirit guides instead, for the past few years.

I did have a brush with Archangel Raphael last year, about the same time Buddha Amoghasiddhi ‘appeared’ to me. It was only recently that I finally realized what the both were trying to tell me – walk towards the path of Healing without fear!

So here I am 😉

Opening the 3rd Eye

November 19, 2009 Leave a comment

My third eye was officially ‘opened’ during my first class with my Teacher. That was also the defining moment when I realized that healing and energywork – is all serious shit business.

As my Teacher was performing the first ‘attunement’ – tuning the students’ aura frequency to a certain level – I visualized an image of White Tara, instead of Isis which we were supposed to (wrong channel?!) It even got a little funny when Goddess Tara reached forward towards me – I remember backing away slightly – and she pressed her palm onto my forehead.

Then I saw the image of an eye (forcing itself) opening in the middle of my brows. I was tickled, thinking it was quite silly that I imagine my own 3rd Eye opening.

But it stopped being funny when I perceived Tara saying, very clearly: ‘You always had a 3rd Eye. But it had no eyeball. Here it is.’

Seriously? No eyeball?! I was quite stunned. It was only then I realized that what I was about to embark on was a serious vocation, not a weekend hobby…

I must say that my 3rd Eye – the 6th Chakra – developed in stages. Just a week ago, during an intense meditation session in my healing room (at the same time my Teacher was meditating in the Great Pyramids in Egypt), I perceived my 3rd Eye turning into the color purple – which is how it is supposed to be. I think previously it was just a white lotus…

I am also very fortunate that the function of my 3rd Eye can be activated when needed, and deactivated when not. Hence I do not ‘see’ literal colors or auras or spirit guides in daily life – well, sometimes I get ‘glimpses’ of things or thoughts when I pass-by or touch people. But most of the ‘glimpsing’ and ‘perceiving’ only occurs when I do healing-work or in deep meditation.

I would say, this 6th Chakra is not an ‘eye’ per se – but more like a channel (just like the other Chakras – energy channels) which allows you to tap into universal ‘energy lines’. These energy lines exist everywhere, and connects far and wide. The 6th channel allows you to receive, perceive, and also understand universal signals (although a lot of the dissemination function is done by the 5th Chakra, the Information Center).

Energy is everywhere. No one can deny that! 😉

Often I hear that many people are fascinated with the 3rd Eye, or wanting to ‘open’ the 3rd Eye so that they can ‘see’ spirits and what not. I think that can be dangerous. Even more when the lower Chakras are not strong enough to support the energy surplus in the upper Chakras. One might risk losing their sanity, for lack of grounding energy and wisdom.

The two Chakras adjacent to the 3rd Eye are especially crucial. The 5th Chakra at the throat is the center of disseminating information received. Without this, one cannot comprehend what the 3rd Eye perceives. The 7th Chakra is the connection with the Universe or God. Without this one functioning healthy as well, one will not have the wisdom to accept, understand, and manage what is being perceived by the 3rd Eye.

Don’t say you wanna ‘see’ something just cos it’s for fun.

Like I said – it’s serious shit. Sometimes there is no turning back.

Cheers! 😉

Today’s Healing: A Ram, then a Swan

November 17, 2009 1 comment

Today is the Ram’s second healing session. I’m glad to know he was looking forward to it. For what it is worth, he tells me it’s very relaxing and you could almost sleep off while sitting upright.

In case you’re wondering, I refer to this client as ‘the Ram’ because that is his Spirit Guide form. What are qualities a Ram guide can teach you? I’m looking at sense of self, protection, will to live, and perseverance (balancing on the steep stone mountains). Traditionally, the Ram is known to symbolize male virility, power, and male leadership.

Unfortunately in our case, the Ram energy is scattered, though aggressive, unfocused. Today is my 3rd time perceiving this Spirit Guide in my mind’s eye. After a lengthy task of aligning the Chakras from top to bottom, the great Ram finally came down from the rocky mountains to rest in between the client’s shoulder blade. With the Spirit Guide back into the energy field, healing can take place much faster! However, past wounds and issues would reopen as well, to be dealt with now.

I guess the deepest healing is also sometimes the ugliest. For today, the client’s feedback was that the 1st half of the session was hot, then suddenly the temperature fell into a cooling one – ‘as if wind touching your skin’. I understand this as the lower Chakras rising up to connect with the upper Chakras – energy has risen through the energy column. Not too bad.

The second client, her first time healing, has the Guide of a Swan. Very soon ino the healing I could perceive the white feathered wings sprang open from above the shoulders and the long stretch of neck curled gently beside her own head.

It was truly a marvelous sight!

This client told me beforehand she had lower back problems, which I felt was a water retention issue. At this point it is safer to get it x-rayed by a doctor, and then we’ll work from there. Another interesting aspect – I believe that swimming would be the perfect way for her to keep healthy and energized!

For those of you lucky enough to have the Swan as your Spirit Guide, here are some aspects you can consider:

  • the Swan is a bird that can fly (air – intellect and freedom) as well as swim gracefully on the surface of water (a master of emotions and intuition) – can you balance your intellectual needs with your emotional needs?
  • Most white animals are linked to aspects of spirituality, as white is the color of the Crown Chakra – Have you found your place in this world?
  • Wings are traditionally a symbol of protection, especially to loved ones – Are you protecting the right people in your life?

The best thing about healing is that when you ask for healing to occur for your client – you are just the conduit, the middle person – the energy that flows through you will also gently heal you, too.

Priest of What?

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I love this article by Elizabeth Jensen (my Teacher’s Teacher): ‘Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Initiates’. In it she states, very simply:

  1. ‘… we can all become Priests and Priestesses by simply following a spiritual path and by devotion to a particular God or Goddess and their work.’
  2. ‘Gods and Goddesses are Archetypal energies – great energy pools of power.’
  3. ‘… if you constantly worked energetically with one Divinity you absorbed their energies and powers into your energy field and body…’

You do not have to shave your head (only if you think it’s cool), abstain from certain foods (only if you want to), or perform special rituals to show your devotion to a certain aspect. Your work, at the end of the day, will speak for itself.

The term of ‘Gods and Goddesses’ instantly conjure the impression of religion. I’d like to insist that spirituality does not equate to religion (neither does religion equate to spirituality, nowadays!).  For example, we cannot say that all doctors are healthy people, nor are all healthy people doctors. So the term ‘Gods and Goddesses’ refer instead to classifications of energy, specific patterns if you may. It can be otherwise categorized into color energy if you wish. For example:

  • Isis is bluish-white energy (sometimes silver, as associated with the Sacral Chakra). Sometimes Guan Yin shares the same light energy.
  • Anubis is velvety black energy
  • Osiris is green energy, for life and regeneration
  • Horus carries sky blue energy – sometimes turquoise – relating to freedom, power through royalty

All four of the above energies can be used (and have been used) for healing. Isis’ energy heals very deeply, through the body and energy centers, sometimes into past karmic wounds. Anubis heals through transforming wounds and scars and remove parasitic entities. Osiris renews life and spirit. Horus’ healing energy is soft, light, cool, and brisk – suitable for detoxification and outer protection of the shield aura.

Last but not least, constantly channeling one energy through your personal energy field (or Aura) enables you to slowly integrate that energy. Which means, the more work you do with Isis, for example, the easier (and stronger) her energy can flow through you.