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Journal on X’mas

December 26, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s been an adrenaline-rush of work two weeks prior to Christmas this year. And when finally all work got done by the end of the 24th, I became numb and disenchanted. I took a few rounds of deep sleep to recover my sane mind.

Not that I did not enjoy spending almost a week with the students – made some new friends and renewed some old. That chapter done, then there was the corporate training which went so much better than I’d expected – made some new friends again! Then finally, managed to find a very good Feng Shui shop for an old client to start his restaurant – we’d been aiming at this particular row of shops and finally one came vacant! Beautiful.

Had a wonderful Xmas night yesterday, dinner and drinks and laughs at a friend’s place, surrounded by my favorite people. Having recharged, it’s back to my healing work which got sidelined for the past 2 weeks – like this blog too 😉

One of my most complicated cases on hand is actually with a dog, whose skin disease is not getting any better. The funniest thing happened during the second healing – remnant energies of another being was actually ‘attacking’ this dog. Guess what? The remnant energies were from another dog (same current owner) that had died 10 years ago! Seems like the spirit did not move on, clung on to the owners’ energy field, and now not too happy with this new dog.

When I tried to pull out the remnant energies, the live dog started thrashing about and yowled and yowled. Oh my. Till people came out to look. Few minutes ago he was sound asleep!

Lots of work to be done here. Furthermore I have not been specifically trained in animal energy healing. Though I presume their energy fields would be slightly less complex and multi-layered as humans’.

Have already scheduled a few regular clients back on track, starting monday. I am as eager as they are. Although after a few sessions of healing the physical body and muscles feel strained from all the holding and moving – the mind is actually very refreshed.

Another benefit of healing onto others, allowing the energy to flow thru you 🙂 Well Lightworkers are humans too, who strive to enlighten and ‘dis-burden’ others by first setting a personal example ourselves… though it’s not always easy. Try try try. Seek and learn. Try again, I guess.

Merry X’mas folks.


Wished Upon a Shooting Star

December 13, 2009 Leave a comment

Or rather… thrice. Each time I saw a shooting star I remember I’d wished for the same thing: Let me meet great teachers.

How vague. How silly. I remember telling myself, better wish for money or power next time a shooting star comes along. But when another actually shot across the night sky – panic! – and I’d wished for the same thing.

But that wish definitely came through. All my life, I’ve been blessed with the guidance of excellent teachers.

At 14, my English Language teacher told me to write a short-story because I’d refused to do the standard boring, too simple language exercises. That experience had let me to realize that I COULD write all kinds of things. Very soon it became a crucial communication mode for me.

When I’d decided to write proper short-stories to enter competitions for publications at the age of 19, my college lecturer introduced to me KL’s equivalent of Carrie Bradshaw – equal in glamor, keener in observation – and helped me win my first published story in a published anthology.

At age 21 when I woke-up one day and decided I wanted to learn Feng Shui (literally. But that was due to a Luck Pillar change). So I hit the internet searching for some older ‘reputable’ person but somehow ended up at the website of my future teacher/boss academy. The course fees were almost 10 times of the money I had left then, fresh out of college. So what to do?

I got writing gigs for quick bucks, and paid my way through until I could qualify professionally as a Feng Shui consultant. While I am no extraordinary person with some outstanding achievement, but here I am today and life is definitely okay 😉

How I met my healing teacher (through the academy) and all that have been told already…

Of course, there were also many other teacher along the way that shaped who I am now. During standard 5 I had an excellent Malay language teacher which set the foundation for my A1 in that subject seven years later. My college lecturers were all amazing – passionate and willing to go the extra mile.

I guess everyone you meet will change your life and perspective a little. But some change your life completely from the moment you meet them. Some day when you walk along the busy city street, you remember your teachers and smile a bit.

One of the little things in life that remind you to keep trying to be a better person.

A Reason for Everything

December 11, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s almost 1 am now. Just showered and having a banana.

Been swamped lately, though mostly enjoying it. Had to postpone 3 of my weekly healing clients. Am blessed that they do find the healing sessions beneficial physiologically as well as mentally.

Today began with a hour half jam to KL, for the class (my day job) held at Impiana KLCC. I had no idea where it was, but braved through the KL zing-zong roads like a brave soldier. The Federal Highway jam was so bad, literally inching bumper2bumper behind a female driver who was putting on her make-up. On the fast lane. Impressive.

I always enjoy meeting up with the students. There is always so much hope in their eyes. Or sometimes there are those who come seeking hope. Once in a while, we consultants have to be harsh and kick some sense into those in need of some realism in life.

Asking me the question ten times will not make the answer any sweeter. In fact, I will scold you.

Get real. Really.

But then, there is a reason for everything. I do not believe in coincidences. The world was not designed on God’s random whimsy. Every single person we meet was there for a reason. There are cosmic rules which allow the system to keep itself in constant balance.

If not the earth would just topple off its own axis.

Who doesn’t want ‘balance’?

Recently I’ve gotten feedback that I am a slow worker. Not in such a horrid manner that the company cannot stand me anymore (for I compensate in various other departments of skill, knowledge, and talent) but it was suggested that if I could train myself to be more speedy then things might become more financially fruitful for me.

While I do appreciate the concept of challenging yourself to up your game, but working and moving faster was never in my plans. In fact, I will say that being slow (I call it calm and patient) really works for me and my clients, especially when trying to instill a change in the client’s thinking and behavior. I find it hard to believe that in just 30 minutes the client will walk out the counseling room a different person – it works excellent for business tycoons though!

Hence my stepping into healing.

For those who know my BaZi chart, I guess everyone was just waiting for me to step into the spiritual boundaries. But not to forget that Earth dominates my chart. Which means that I am slow. I do not reveal information easily. But then the Earth is also the one that allows me to give others a sense of stability and practicality. The Earth Stars are also my ‘spiritual stars’, sometimes allowing me to know what is meant to be known at a certain time, for a certain reason (to aid in healing noramlly). After all, the Earth is the single oldest entity around. It knows everything and anything, and the delicate information will reveal itself when necessary.

I trust in that, hence I am not one to push, question, or argue. Of course, corporate calls me slow. But I wonder, if everyone moves fast, who is going to stay back to re-look at the details? Where is the Yin to all the Yang? 😉

Don’t worry, I have my way of staying ahead – my track record speaks for itself. I appreciate your concern, but I think I like how I am now. A reason for everything.

For example: after the class today and some dinner, I followed a few of my favorite people to Euphoria MOS for it’s anniversary event. No idea why I went along. So after a few drinks and 2 hours later, my tummy started growling.

On the way home just now, I stopped by Coffeebean to look for food, but nothing seemed interesting. So I went over to Starbucks… and bumped into two old friends there. We had a nice little chat, on a friday night and it was after midnight.

What better way to close the day? Like I said, a reason for everything. You’ll never know what wonderful encounters one thing might lead you to. Sometimes all you need is a single chance encounter that might completely change the way you view your life.

I’m blessed to be able to say that I’ve had more than my fair share of those.

Good night ppl!

In Case You Didn’t Already Know

December 7, 2009 Leave a comment

It’s kinda amazing how some old friends you can just sit down with and talk as if you were just picking-up from yesterday – and not like 6 months ago. Ever since embarking on this Lightworker journey I think I notice and appreciate these little moments better – or have I always been like that?

Sometimes it’s amazing how others perceive you, versus how you perceive yourself – or how you think others perceive you. Never quite there.

Example 1.

The pen I am using to write this down was recently given to me by an acquaintance. And by ‘acquaintance’ I do refer to someone you met from work, don’t meet everyday, and are not too personally acquainted with otherwise. The pen, he had bought from Japan. I had taught him some (little) things recently and in return, he gifted this pen to me. “You’re a writer right? You’ll use it well.” I was mildly surprised by this little gesture of course. You want some back-story? Two years ago in Qing Dao I had cried while in this person’s arms.

I left Qing Dao a slightly different person. We never became friends.

That was it, of course. But still. I want to illustrate the complexity of human relationships. A complexity that goes beyond one lifetime, beyond what our 5 senses might be able to perceive, and beyond what our conscious mind may comprehend.

People come into your lives. People leave. Sometimes they come back again. Then they leave again. And then some other thing.

Example 2.

The book that the pen writes into is a moleskin gifted by another, much better-acquainted friend. One who can easily comprehend the following part of the story. One whose animal spirit guide grazed its white fur onto my arm during healing. One whom I’ve met in Sri Lanka in a recent past life, most likely.

I have yet to return to Sri Lanka in this lifetime, as much as I have yet to return to Thailand.

For those who did not know me, or only knew my water-surface, might become surprised at the collection of this blog. At times I do wonder if it were wise to journal my findings and experiences for all to see. But I fear all these being forgotten even more than the fear of being misunderstood or ridiculed.

So here they are, piece by piece, part by part. The question I asked my mother when I was 4; the books I read at 5 that shaped and fueled me until now; the pictures I drew at 7 (and some of my schoolmates still remember those images of the Chinese Gods I’d collected and kept in a book). Ages 12 til 19 was a hiatus for me – much of the time was spent writing stories that one day might tell me who I was to be…

Many things I believe are not meant to be revealed. This is what I learned from my work with Feng Shui and Destiny and Divination. I think, some things should reveal themselves in time. But people are impatient. And price-tags are placed on knowledge. How many friends have I lost whose last words to me were ‘If you knew why didn’t you tell me?’

If I had told you, you might not have seen the wisdom unfold before your eyes. You will not see that at the end of the day, life is like carefully unwrapping a very delicious lotus-leaf rice, filled with various treasures within the rice, wrapped inside the lotus-leaf. And without seeing it unfold once, how would you know how to eat it the next time?

What if I told you that when I first met you I knew I would be destined to lose you?

But far and contrary I do NOT have all the answers. Nor do I seek to. I only gracefully receive whatever is given to me. I do not ask questions. I observe. I do not speak when it is redundant to do so – don’t we have enough noise around us already?

Hence a moment of reflective quietness is sometimes all I ask for. Do not ask me to unravel my secrets to you. To myself, I have none. To myself, I am a straightforward person, an open book. But like I mentioned earlier, how we perceive ourselves versus how people perceive us are two completely different things.

But perhaps it is not me that you wish to decipher. Perhaps it is You that You truly wish to unravel, and in my eyes you saw your own reflection (The Alchemist). And in case the point of this post eluded you – there is none to be made. But maybe in the superfluous fragments of Me you will find little jigsaw pieces of You.

May the Eye of Horus guide you into wise vision and understanding.

How Does This Healing Thingy Work?

December 4, 2009 2 comments

Initially it was quite a challenge getting the idea across to friends and family. How does Energy Healing work?

What A Healer Does

Basically the Healer acts as a conduit or channel for Universal energy to flow, to the recipient. This is done by allowing/raising the Healer’s own personal energy field, or aura, to vibrate at a higher frequency (some say equal to that of the Earth’s rotation frequency)

Before Healing starts, I normally inform the client that I will need to touch the shoulders and upper back, to establish an energy link from my aura to theirs. Then, I will also be holding their feet to open their feet Chakras.

Sit & Relax

Universal energy allows healing to occur at an accelerated rate. All the client needs to do is to sit/lie down (depending couch or healing bed) and relax. In fact, falling asleep allows the energies to work deeper, as one become less inhibited during sleep – more receptive to the incoming energies. Some clients experience insightful dreams while asleep too.

Some client’s even doze off while sitting on the chair – so be wary that they don’t fall off!

What can the client expect to feel? Most feedback I get is a very warm sensation sweeping gently down the back. A few get a very cool sensation, like ‘metal in the bones’ (but without the biting). Some feel tingly all over. Some are overcome by a sense of relaxation and ease.

Some feel nothing special! 🙂 However, I must say no one has left the room feeling more anxious than when they arrived. Of course, at this point in time, there is only so much work done during the initial session. To see visible changes it normally takes around 3 sessions. And also, the deepest changes are not physical, but manifest in an emotional or spiritual way, like a changed (more positive) personality. A ‘New Me’, if you may.

Energyworks & Chakraworks

Each ‘Chakra’ is an energy center that govern various functions and organs on our body. There are seven major Chakras that run along the tip of the skull to the base of the spine.

Diagnosis starts first by isolating the problem to either the lower 3 Chakras, Upper 3 Chakras, or the Heart Chakra. Sometimes an illness is caused by a combination of two or more Chakras.

Some client’s Chakra system is so damaged or blocked that you just have to keep ‘washing’ the system top to bottom (7th back to 1st) for the first few sessions.

In standard cases, running energy through a Chakra realigns it to stable condition – not too sluggish or hyperactive. Some clients experience purging, emotional release, extremely deep sleep, or bursts of energy after healing sessions.

Spirituality VS Religion

It cannot be denied that most energy healing is a part of spirituality – this is what happens when your 7th Chakra is open, you will feel closer to the ‘Divine’ or Universe. However, it is not religion-bound. Meaning, you do not have to subscribe to a certain belief system for healing to occur. Nor do you have to chant mantras or worship something you do not want to. Like I said, just sit and relax. You don’t even have to believe me – just experience it for yourself!

The Isis Lotus Healing system does have its own set of Ancient Egyptian Gods/Goddesses, however, they can also be seen as ‘energy pools’ or ‘vibrations of various frequencies’. Their physical form which many of us have come to be familiar with are merely physical manifestations to allow humans to ‘connect’ or identify with (You’d need the 6th sense to perceive their energy forms)

So these various pools of energy allows the healer to tap into them as resources for healingwork. Simple? It really isn’t that mysterious or complicated!

Cheers! 😉

Lost Child?

December 2, 2009 2 comments

This is gonna sound bizarre (yes, despite everything else), but early this morning I had a vivid dream (I seldom remember my dreams so clearly, maybe because this dream woke me up).

A little wild boar had wandered into the living room of my house – little as in the size of a watermelon. And it ran around very fast as I tried in vain to catch it. What woke me was the loud sound of my dog (or, A dog) barking from outside of ‘my house’.

[The black dog, we now know, is my Spirit Guide, so…]

Of course, I woke only to be greeted by silence. Then I dozed back to sleep. And the dream resumed….

This time the little wild boar was a little boy instead. The dog was still barking like crazy looking in from the gate. The boy said something, incoherent, but to the effect of him being sad, unwanted, and lonely. [feelings were transmitted, not words]

I woke up again to be greeted by a second round of silence. I wondered, who had gotten pregnant and not wanted the child?

I just got back from work about 25 minutes ago. There is no one at home. As I was just about to put the keys into the door lock, a little moth flew and stood on the lock.

Do moths usually fly about at 3 pm noon?

Reminded me of that little boy seeking help.

While I do acknowledge that this is merely a dream, what struck me was the environment. The only other time I remembered a dream that (1) startled me awake, (2) occurred in my house living area, and (3) had my dog in it – was the time where I got the two unwanted ‘guests’ (giant centipedes) – and true enough, 7 days later I met with hidden enemies (two), betrayal, and sabotage – but thanks to the ‘warning’ I came out fine, though not unscathed.

So what does this one mean? Whose child is it (supposed to be)?

I pray that Isis watches over you, as she does all her children.