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Opening of Mouth Ceremony

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

The ‘Opening of Mouth’ Ceremony is done to imbue the statue of God/dess with the energy of that God/dess.

Recently found three beautiful statues of Isis, Sekhmet, and Anubis – thanks to my Teacher in Singapore. The Opening Ceremony was just done – and I must say it went very well.

Beautiful Isis statue with the sun-disk on her head, and wings to protect her children. The blue flower mirror behind is actually a gift from an old friend a long time ago. That crystal is my Isis meditation crystal.

I perceived Isis as a silver swirling light that entered the statue.

Sekhmet’s energy, as expected, is fiery and strong – like a pyramid of fire burning around her.

A friend who was with me in the room during the ceremony ‘saw’ the candle lights grow high up to the ceiling during Sekhmet’s Opening of Mouth.

Anubis’ shadow energy was a bit scarier for my friend – she perceived my shadow becoming very tall and sharp at the head – ‘like dog ears?’ I asked later. And she gasped in agreement!

Funny thing happened during the Anubis meditation, I perceived Anubis in his dog form and he waited outside my healing room door.

So I actually stood up to open the door (much to the confusion of my friend). Then I ‘carried’ the Anubis energy onto the altar to which he entered the statue. Fairly dramatic but I felt only then was the ceremony truly completed.

I would also like to thank my friends who helped me carry my new healing bed (becomes heavy after awhile!) and statues through customs and all the way from Singapore with me 🙂 Thanks so much. I really could not have managed without all of you!

May Anubis, the Lord of the Underworld, Surgery, and Healing, protect us against all harm from physical injuries as well as dark forces.


Isis Lotus Healing 2

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Was that just four days? It felt like years 🙂 No I don’t mean that the classes were long… maybe because we traveled to so many places, different lifetimes, it felt like a much longer time.

Theory – meditation – practice – theory – meditation – practice

We practiced doing divination using cards. We were attuned to the energy of God Horus for the 3rd Eye and clarity – many times clarity of the Heart supersedes that of the eyes.

One of my favorite moments was the meditation of returning to the Halls of Amenti – where all the soul-records are contained. I think it lies under the physical body of the Great Pyramid, but exists only on the energy level. So if you want to go there, you need to use your energy body 😉 Not so easy yeah?

As Thoth is the Keeper of the Records, he needs to grant permission for your visit. The Hall itself it very long – as far as the eye can see, almost. The statues of all the Gods/desses line the walls, hundreds, far more than we know today. The most beautiful feeling occurred to me when Anubis said, “You are home finally.” A most blissful experience I cannot describe. Not like the place was some gorgeous tourist site you don’t wanna leave. Just a feeling of belonging somewhere safely.

Goddesses Isis and Maat also revealed to me how to uncover the Divine Seed Pearl in a human body – it lies within a lotus, within a lotus, within a lotus. Karmic contracts are stored within these Pearls… are you allowed to reorganize it? 😉

Day three was the energy attunement to Goddess Sekhmet, the Lion-Headed one. Sekhmet energy is fiery and is used for deep clearing and healing – during the attunement I open my mouth and felt myself breathing flames. Strangely enough Teacher Sri perceived me exploding in bright light when she touched my head during the attunement process.

As an extra thing, I also perceived the animal spirit guides for two of my classmates – a brown horse and a panther. During lunch:

“Hey, I think your animal spirit guide is a big black cat.”

“That’s so weird. I see a panther following me around during deep meditation!”

Incident two walking down the stairs:

“Do you like horses?”

“Yes, especially Unicorns. Why?”

“I saw your animal guide. It’s a horse, standing next to you in class.”

“Someone told me the same thing 3 days ago! What color is it?”



I guess it was because the energy vibration was very high in the class room after few days of constant meditation and invocation, hence this time I could actually SEE those animals clearly.

More about the classes later. Still recovering – letting the physical body adjust to the higher auric vibrations…

P.S. You may address me as a Priest of Isis now 🙂

Illness as a Sign of Healing

January 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Now the 5th day of me down with flu – without the fever, at least. Funny enough, next week is the next healing class, and like the other time I also fell sick just before the class.

Needless to say I spent New Year’s Eve in bed by 11 pm. Oh btw, Happy New Year. Did you get what you wanted out of 2009? I think I did, learned the necessary lessons. Big ones, but lovely ones.

Why am I sick before the healing class, you wonder? Maybe the 2 week adrenaline rush prior to Christmas finally wore off. Or it is a sign that I need to take a break and sort out some things I might have forgotten to. Or it could be my physical body preparing to re-adjust itself to the higher auric vibrations.

Whatever it is, this minor sickness occurring just on a holiday stretch is rather timely and convenient. Yeah, missed a party or two, but so what. Also managed to sit down and reorganize (albeit groggy-headed) some stuff I might have missed otherwise (or conveniently put aside)

Starting work in 2 more days so I still have one more day to gt well. But then thursday is the Healing Circle already at Lightworks – followed by classes with my Teacher till following tuesday. Really anticipating it!

Plus, am gonna finally get that healing bed from Singapore end of this month! So stay tuned 🙂

Oh, and Happy 2010 Folks!