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A Memorable Healing

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Today’s healing would be memorable for me 🙂

At first we scheduled it for 4 pm, which would be after Cheryl’s Soul Contract reading (I recommended to my client/friend, of course) at 2.30 pm. But Sandy (from Violet Flame) calls to tell me that I might not have the healing room for that slot, so I decided to move it earlier to 12.30 – before Cheryl’s session.

This client is a young chap, quite active in sports, but recently suffered some heart problems. This was also his 4th session with me, making it easier to travel back to the past life that is causing this heart problem. So the Karma Lords and Metatron (along with Isis and Thoth and Maat – long guest list…) brought me back to a time during war, and it seems like the people were Japanese.

I was sitting near my client’s head during that time. Suddenly I perceived an image of someone jumping onto my client and stabbing him with a ‘spear’ thingy, then I also felt that his head was cut-off. So I proceeded to dislodge the energy remnants of the spear trauma (I asked again, and it seems to be a bayonet) – right after I told the angels to stitch back the neck to the head (morbid, I know, but what’s a healer to do…)

TIP: To close wounds I sometimes stuff a lotus flower into the wound to stop the psychic-bleeding. Then patch the wound with Light. The lotus will absorb and hold the Light in place for some time.

Initially I thought this client had a spirit attachment issue – his grandfather had passed away about 2 months ago due to heart failure. He was there with his grandfather when it happened. Turns out grandpa is innocent – sorry ah gong…

After the healing, I shared what I had learned with my client.

“Was it during the samurai times?” He asked.

“No, more like modern time soldiers…”

“World war 2?”

Most likely.

So off he went, and following protocol, the healing space has to be cleared and grounded after each session….

Since Cheryl’s session would take about an hour plus, I went downstairs to look for a lunch snack….


TIP: Karmic imprints are stored in the Soul Star Chakra, whereas (I believe) your Earth Star Chakra is the energy gateway to this reality – and other realities as well – so ground it properly! All this from Isis Lotus Healing Lvl 2

I was already waiting outside when Cheryl’s session was done. Client comes to tell me that Cheryl had told him the same thing.

About what? I asked.

The war incident, and being stabbed. And beheaded.

Wow… Did she mention any country?


Holy…. *Goosebumps!*

I mean, having similar findings is a good thing for us healers, allowing us to verify our reading skills and boost our confidence.

But having such an PRECISE recounting of tales…. Is spectacular! OMFG! (I’ll repent later with 20 Hail Isis for saying OMFG…)

Amazing! Even in the spiritual sense 😉

Well, at least now we have something to work with. You know, the doctors can’t do much even, as they are not yet sure what’s up with this client’s heart.

So at least someone does.

NOTE: Karmic severance takes up to 7 days to amount to full effect. Sometimes even up to weeks, to allow the physical body to synchronize itself to the energetic shifts of the energy body.

I’ll leave you folks to ponder on Metatron’s Cube…


Goddess Saraswati

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Goddess Saraswati has been calling upon me lately. Even more after I got Jonathan Goldman’s ‘Angel & the Goddess’ CD – the 1st track is ‘Song of Saraswati’. Also especially since attending Stephanie’s Voice Healing workshop.

If you are new to Hindu cosmology, Saraswati is the Goddess of Wisdom, Purity, and Arts (including music and sound)…. Very 5th Chakra.

Her Vahana (vehicle) is the Swan (purity) and sometimes also the peacock (illusion of reality, Maya).

Where can I find a beautiful statue of her?

Angel Miracles 1 @Singapore

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Angel Miracles Level 1 will be happening next weekend, Apr 24 and 25 – Sri’s Blue Lotus.

Anyone in Singapore wanna join me at the class? 🙂

Really looking forward to it – especially since Sri just completed a brand new refresher of the entire Angel Miracles 1 to 4 at Adelaide with Elisabeth today!

Metal Alchemy – The IKEA Fork

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally I managed to bend the IKEA fork 🙂

Yeah slow learner but better late than never. Also I recently started to clear my Heart and Throat Chakras – thanks mostly to the people I met through TVF

Stephanie’s teaching on the voice sounding of the violet flame energy really broke through all the past life energy seals in my physical body.

Cheryl’s advise to meditate on my 3rd Eye and set upon it the violet flame really brought everything together. To bend the fork I also sent flames from my third eye (apparently my hands are less focused channels). She showed me this card from her Osho Zen deck which really inspired me

Like I was saying, Alchemy is to change the energetic properties of any matter, solid or otherwise. Once I master the metal, will move on to water – creating rain 🙂

P.S. Sometimes when one door opens, another opens at the same time. Or maybe I had to open my own Heart first.

Journal Entry: Awakening Your Healing Voice

April 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Much has happened in the past few weeks:

  • went for a Soul Contract reading with Cheryl at the Violet Flame
  • from there I found Stephanie for a sound healing session
  • last week I managed to attend Stephanie’s workshop ‘Awakening Your Healing Voice’ LvL 1

Indeed an eye (or rather, mouth) opener 🙂

Healing with the voice does not require physical contact with the client. Which I found a little surprising at first – can sound energy be as potent as direct transmission from the hands? Using the voice in different tones and syllables, I think I am now able to affect the energy body of another person.

Of course, my Throat Chakra is still in the process of clearing and resetting itself with the new energy grid.

One thing I really liked was the 10 Breath 7 Chakra exercise, which prepares you physically for light channeling by clearing and directing energy thru all Chakras and sending out from the Throat. When energy is channeled from the Heart and 3rd Eye, this ensures the information transmitted from the Throat is of compassion and divine wisdom.

I’d like to incorporate this voice tool into my healing practice. We learned how to intone the transmutation energy of the violet flame to clear spaces and energy blockages. We learned the sound to transmit compassion, for grounding energies, as well as to awaken each Chakra. Cool huh. Imagine combining both hands and voice 😉

The posturing exercises as well as the 5 element dance to awaken each element was really effective on me – especially the Fire walk. At the end of it I could perceive fire shooting out of my palms and 3rd eye for over 5 minutes! I guess it had a healing effect on my normally sluggish Solar Plexus Chakra…

Talk about singing – I can reach higher notes now. And much lower notes that I’ve never tried before. Did not know I could generate so much vibrato.

Can ground the whole room’s energy…

Next step? Am seriously considering flying to Penang next week just to attend Lvl 2 of Stephanie’s workshop!