A Lightworker

What it Means to be a Lightworker

I’ve just officially embarked on my journey as a Lightworker (LW) – with much anticipation as well as trepidation. What can I say?

The Universe will provide.

The first thing my Teacher told me was this: “The path of a LW is not an easy one. You will be tested. And you might make less money than your current job!”

We laughed. But I knew what she meant. Sometimes, or often, a LW’s work does not come with much monetary rewards. Not because Lightwork – being the eyes, heart, and hands for divine energies – is all about charity (it is not), but, I would say that it is something that has to be done. As naturally and as simply as the sun rising from the East. Trust and flow with the Divine, and you will see what I mean 🙂

After all, the Source, Universe, God, are but different names for the same being and purpose of existence.

For example, during my first attunement to the energies of Goddess Isis, instead of visualizing her (I could not, despite seeing pictures of her), it was White Tara who appeared before me – I thought I had gotten the wrong channel! But very soon I realized that both Isis and White Tara have the same energies (white), but perhaps with a slight different level of frequency. Kuan Yin is also white energy, but with a slightly deeper hue and much stronger ‘humming’ vibe.

Who or what energies you meet during your personal meditation, or with your inner eye during healing, has very much to do with your affinity in previous lives. And because as LW’s, we are not here to bend the forces of nature for our own intentions – but like I said, to be the eyes, heart, and hands for universal energy – therefore it is often a delightful surprise what information is presented to you when you heal others, or during deep meditation.

Have fun reading my journals. And have faith!


Cheers! 😉

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