Sherwin Ng

Sherwin Ng has been spiritually-aware since age 4, when he asked to be sent to a temple to be ordained – much to the astonishment of his parents then. Twenty three years later, his now Healing Teacher and friend, Sri Mulyadi, revealed through meditation that Sherwin was in fact a High Priest of Anubis during his past lives in ancient Egypt.

“At that instant, I felt my whole life click into place. Everything made clear sense suddenly.” He recalls that moment, where ‘everything he’d learned so far had been preparing him for this’.

Aside from energy healing, Sherwin has been consulting professionally in Classical Feng Shui and BaZi: Destiny Analysis for many years under renowned master Joey Yap. Sherwin also instructs these subjects at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics. He now devotes half his time to spreading the Isis Lotus Healing energy.

His birth name ‘Sherwin’ means ‘Bright Fellow’ in Old English. He holds a Diploma in Social Science (Counseling), with Distinction.

Sherwin is also a resident healer at The Violet Flame, Bangsar.

You may send any questions to as well.

Join his Facebook page here: Kingfisher House of Healing

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