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Wisdom Healing with Tarot – A Life-Healing Workshop by Sherwin Ng

March 24, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been forever since I’ve blogged here. I apologize. But I am back – bigger, better, wiser… and perhaps, more compassionate 🙂

I’ve been receiving requests by students and clients for awhile to teach oracle card reading and Tarot reading. I wasn’t ready before because I felt I needed to devote time into doing healings and private sessions, and at the same time, working through my own healing and growing. So now I finally feel the time is right.

Tarot has helped me work through most of my deep-seated insecurities and past-lives very, very quickly. Hence I call it ‘Wisdom Healing’, meaning, to start our personal healing journey by gaining awareness on what needs to be healed – where to start and where to look at.

Having said that, these classes are not for everyone. Come only if you are prepared to have a truthful look at yourself and your inner world. Are you ready to heal? Are you prepared for the work that is required for you to become a better You? Do you dare discover your own divine spark?

As we shed the layers of pain and guilt from inside us, the lighter we become. And the lighter we are, the stronger we become. The more we heal, the more we are able to allow and manifest joy and grace into our lives. ‘Lighter’ to me means ‘being able to contain more Light’. If card-dreading is really your thing, these classes even prepare you to become a serious reader-practitioner of Tarot to help others. But we always start with our own healing, and reclaiming of power, as such.

The overlighting divinity(ies) for this workshop would be the Atlantean Lord Apollo and perhaps even the Goddess Isis of Atlan-Egypt. Simple meditations and theory of energy will be included, along with 2 attunements to energize the Chakra and meridian systems, especially the Heart Chakra and 3rd Eye – for compassion, wisdom, and clarity.

I will consider this as Level 1 of the Wisdom Healing series, where we will cover

  • Major & Minor Arcana
  • Personal Guidance cards for each person
  • Health diagnoses
  • Energy diagnoses
  • Wealth & Abundance blockages
  • Relationship readings
  • common card spreads and unique card spreads

Plus my own experience in reading and channeling for people. We may or may not be going into past-life reading and healing, depending on the intensity of the class and students. Spread over 5 weeks, classes are once a week at 3 hours/class. Lots of practice provided and required. The week in between allows students to journal and practice on some homework – so that after the intensive 5 classes, you then have enough theory and practical experience to read for others – and charge for it.

If this resonates with you, or if you need more information, email us at

In Level 2 we will incorporate an Oracle deck as well as other unique spreads, plus explore various healing methods using Tarot – such as connecting with our guides, karmic clearing, and soul retrieval using Tarot.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?


Free Isis Oracle Service

June 2, 2010 2 comments

Just got an idea.

Maybe I can start an online oracle service. No charges 🙂

Send in your questions and dilemma and I’ll see what I can do!

Okay the Cobra ‘Divine Awakening’ card flipped out, so I’m gonna do it!

Isis guide us all please…

Goddess Saraswati

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Goddess Saraswati has been calling upon me lately. Even more after I got Jonathan Goldman’s ‘Angel & the Goddess’ CD – the 1st track is ‘Song of Saraswati’. Also especially since attending Stephanie’s Voice Healing workshop.

If you are new to Hindu cosmology, Saraswati is the Goddess of Wisdom, Purity, and Arts (including music and sound)…. Very 5th Chakra.

Her Vahana (vehicle) is the Swan (purity) and sometimes also the peacock (illusion of reality, Maya).

Where can I find a beautiful statue of her?

Biggest Client Yet

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The width of the healing bed just fit the shoulders and arms of the client and his feet were hanging off the end of the bed – tall big chinese guy, this one.

Anyway, healing week is over, I’m happy on how smoothly everything went – and it’s time for a short rest. All follow-up sessions will be scheduled 2nd week of March onwards – is it time for your 3rd session already? 😉

For some client’s during the 1st session, if the auric body is already fairly clean and the chakras are fairly balanced, I will proceed into the Karmic Release process (which typically begins during the 2nd session onwards).

Today’s client had various blockages and entities. For example, even to start flowing blue light energy from the chest to the stomach takes a lot of effort – I imagine the blue light channeled thru my hands is somewhat like water that expands throughout the body – but this time the blue energy flow was more like individual streams that moved slowly to the other parts of the body.

Hence I focused instead on more clearing and removing – gunks of gray blobs as well as fluid-like entities (this time with tiny little annoying voices). Instinctively I called upon a whole choir of singing angels to ‘blast’ away the various entities – settled mostly around the solar plexus and stomach region. When the entities are blasted loose, you have to extract them one by one. Then, to make sure there are no ‘roots’ or residue, call upon Sekhmet’s purifying flame to wash the wounds (cauterize).

After extracting and washing, extracting and washing – an hour passed and I sensed a voice telling me ‘enough for now, stop and finish-up’. So I closed-up the energy body with Isis light (placed an extra solar disc as a shield – typically lasts 7 days) and finally, spiritual mummification to wrap-up the energy body.

Of course, through out the hour the client was deeply asleep and had no idea what was happening (all the vigorous pulling and tugging on my part would look somewhat exasperating to the onlooker!)

I’ll let you know if this client experiences purging in the next 48 hours.

p.s. At one point, I could sense the client’s soul rise up from the body right in front of me!

p.p.s. When I placed my hands on the stomach to flow in white light, I could physically feel a blob moving around the tummy area. Kinda shocked then.

The Cobra & Other Stories

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I wondered where I was heading in this path as a Healer… so I consulted the Isis Oracle Cards:

Card 1: Cobra – Divine Awakening

The Cobra is often seen resting on the head-dresses of many Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, like the Isis and Sekhmet statues I have. The Cobra, or Wadjet, is also known as ‘the most powerful weapon against the enemies of Ra’, according to ancient lore. On a pharaoh’s crown it represents power and protection.

Interesting enough, the ancient Hindus considered the Cobra to represent the Kundalini energy, that rises from a person’s Base Chakra, spirals through each Chakra upwards to reach the 7th. Hence that is why Shiva, one of the most powerful Hindu Gods (also the Destroyer God) is often depicted meditating under the open hood of a giant cobra.

How miraculous that two powerful civilization decided on a similar matter of significance. Like I was discussing with today’s client, how on earth did the ancient Vedic sages perceive Goddess Durga to ride on a lion – reminds you of Goddess Sekhmet, no? And BOTH are Destroyer Goddesses to vanquish great evil.

Goes to show that Divine Logic is consistent…

Anyway, back to the card – what do I read from it? The notes say Divine Awakening, rising energy, spiritual enlightenment, and sacred sex. And yes, energy healing…

2nd Card: Scarab – Spiritual Awakening

Hmm. The Scarab heralds rebirth, renewed energy, abundance, and perseverance. The beetle is associated with Ra the Sun God, and can burrow through the sands of the desert (‘Challenges’ Card). The notes say travel to sunny places…

3rdCard: Giza Plateau – Sacred Journey

Training and initiation, draw upon ancient hidden wisdom and energy. In fact I drew this card twice in a row, did a reshuffle cos I didn’t get it the first time. But it seems like the overall 3 card msg is clearer now 🙂

To travel to Egypt? Hehe. Maybe that will yield more answers in my path as a Healer.

Or maybe I am given the task of opening the powerful Kundalini energy for others?

P.S. Speaking of cats. Right after the previous blog, a friend on my FB was tagged onto a picture of a cat. So I msg-ed her to take care and to do energy protection. Today she replied:

sherwin!!! more than interesting what you wrote! for 3 days i’m nearly causing car accidents and i also feel strange…and just two hours ago I gave it a serious thought! thanks! any practical suggestions from your Egyptian field ? (i have nothing against chinese either;)

Interesting huh? 😉 Walk the guided path…

Healing Week Begins!

February 15, 2010 Leave a comment

Healing Week begins tomorrow – and I can’t wait 🙂

Just two clients tomorrow to start things off. Btw Thursday’s 3pm slot is still vacant (for some odd reason!)

Did a massive clearing for my entire house yesterday with Archangel Michael, Goddess Sekhmet, and the White Light Dragons. Channeled additional protective white energy to the main door entry way… and the litmus test was when someone came to visit today (a person we know who indulges in supernatural activities, not in a healthy way let’s just say). He sat down, and started coughing and coughing…

Once you become familiar/attuned to Sekhmet’s energy – she is a very protective force, and can breathe purifying flame from her mouth. Anubis and Bast (Dog and Cat totems) are also very gentle but strong energy guardians – close your eyes a bit. Take a deep breathe (or three). Which energy resonates more comfortably for you? That can be your totem guardian – meditate upon its image (or email me if you need more pointers on colour codes, etc) when you feel you need guidance or protection – or in my case, to remove dark entities.

Back to work next week to sort out the little things, then it’s off to Singapore to meet my Teacher, and Elizabeth (for the first time) for a class and a healing session with her (even Healers need to be healed too yeah).

Oh yeah – Gong Hei Fatt Choy to you too!

Another Journal Entry

February 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Have just finalized the hotel reservation and flight tickets for Singapore next month. Damn looking forward to the class and healing with Elizabeth Jensen – my Teacher’s Teacher – even though it is one month away.

But February, we are sure, will breeze by soon enough. Plus my healing sessions from 16 till 21 are almost fully booked! Yay 🙂 Every client always brings along his/her own story to the healing table…

Today’s healing was a surprisingly ‘strong’ experience for me. Right after opening and clearing the Feet Chakras (golden light) my vision was blurry with pink and purple haze. I honestly thought I was going to faint!

But I checked my balance and it did NOT feel like I was going to tumble. In fact, I could strongly feel my arms, hands, and standing legs! Yet everything was still pinkish, like a funny light. Only later I realized it was energy that I ‘saw’… because my client told me she saw the same thing.

(Another WTF moment…)

During the closing of this healing session I had sat myself down on a chair next to the client, with my left hand on her shoulder. I called upon the Goddess energy that I felt was present today, and instantly, Bast presented herself to my mind’s eye. In fact, she said that ‘she had come to reclaim her priestess’ (imagine the client’s surprise when I told her later).

This was my first time experiencing Bast energy… very light, tingly, and full of JOY! As I sat there I even smiled, because the energy was so light and gentle and… fluffy (?!). To say the least, a wonderful experience for me 🙂

Oh, Bast has a human form by the way. Long black hair… I think.

Bast, the Cat Goddess, reminds us to enjoy and value ourselves, and to solve problems intelligently. She also presides over healing of sexual and psychic problems – don’t underestimate the ferocity of a cat! Bast is also a protector goddess and a solar goddess – which means her energy can burn and destroy when necessary.

So far, all I can say is that I am thankful that all the people that are sent to me has taught me something new, or different, or to remind me to mindful 😉

Many thanks to Isis and all the ancient Egyptian divine energies for healing all my clients (they’re all happy), and also me.