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June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi Sherwin,

I have been following your blog since day one I found it by fate. I feel so inspired and relived reading your stories. I am very happy to know from your recent post that you are willing to help and advise the needy people like me! Sincerely need your help…

I have been working hard 6 years for my family business. Though it is not my interest, but I have no other choice as instructed by family. The company is progressing quite well and stable now. Currently I am so exhausted in the business and feel lifeless, so I decided to leave the company. But people are pressuring me that the company cannot run well without me and it has to be closed if I left. This is a hard decision for me as family is my priority all the time. I am not sure where or what I will pursue for my future, but I am certain that the business isn’t what I want and it doesn’t help me either. If I leave the company, I will have to leave my home!=( Should I insist to leave it or take it back?

I think to further my studies, but I am worried financially. I have been searching for available scholarships and hope to get one. It’s pain to live without hope and happiness. Appreciate if you can give me some guidance!=)

Thank you for your time and effort in advance!

Yours sincerely,



Hi AB*,

Thank you for following my blog. Glad it can bring you some inspiration 🙂

The cards I picked for u are –

  • Sekhmet: Transformation
  • Maat: Cosmic Balance
  • Horus: Slow Victory

Big change is necessary for you to find yourself. All change is painful, big or small. Yes you love your family, but in doing so it seems like you have forgotten how to love yourself.

Is self-love selfish? I don’t think so. When one is not able to love oneself, how can he/she love someone else wholeheartedly? While you love your family, it seems to me they have become a source of stress or burden for you. How long before you will start to blame them for your unhappiness?

Think about it 🙂 Maat calls for balance, internally within yourself, as well as externally to your family and your life.

Horus – who had to fight Seth (his uncle) for his rightful place in the world – had to find victory the hard way. But understand that all journey contains lessons that prepare us for our higher purpose in this world.

Hey all 3 cards are Goddess/God cards, so their energies are with you already. You just have to find the strength and wisdom to take ownership of what u want in life. No one can decide for you. Nor should we wait for others to decide for us, right? 😉

If you can come for a healing session, perhaps I can do a Karmic Release for u, to help ease the transition/communication/

understanding with your family members. But anyhow, I hope this reply has been helpful, and perhaps shed some light or ideas to you.Blessings dear one. And good luck!

Sherwin, Priest of Anubis & Isis.

*Name changed for privacy reasons


Hi Sherwin,

Glad to get your prompt reply and it has been very meaningful to me…felt like you gave me a world to believe in at the right time. Thank you so much =))

This evening I had a discussion with my family members. They insisted on their opinions as usual. But surprisingly they changed their mind a little bit when I expressed my feelings & thoughts further. Eventually they allowed me to study with “terms & conditions”. I understand it’s difficult to have a big change in one day, but I will take it as a good start. Anyway, thank you again for giving me strength to stand up for myself! 😉

I am from Penang, not sure if I can fit into your busy schedule, but I like to know more about the healing session. Any chance you will visit Penang? I shall give you a good treat then, jalan-jalan cari makan! =)


Yours sincerely,