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Isis Oracle Guidance

June 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Hi Sherwin,

I have been following your blog since day one I found it by fate. I feel so inspired and relived reading your stories. I am very happy to know from your recent post that you are willing to help and advise the needy people like me! Sincerely need your help…

I have been working hard 6 years for my family business. Though it is not my interest, but I have no other choice as instructed by family. The company is progressing quite well and stable now. Currently I am so exhausted in the business and feel lifeless, so I decided to leave the company. But people are pressuring me that the company cannot run well without me and it has to be closed if I left. This is a hard decision for me as family is my priority all the time. I am not sure where or what I will pursue for my future, but I am certain that the business isn’t what I want and it doesn’t help me either. If I leave the company, I will have to leave my home!=( Should I insist to leave it or take it back?

I think to further my studies, but I am worried financially. I have been searching for available scholarships and hope to get one. It’s pain to live without hope and happiness. Appreciate if you can give me some guidance!=)

Thank you for your time and effort in advance!

Yours sincerely,



Hi AB*,

Thank you for following my blog. Glad it can bring you some inspiration 🙂

The cards I picked for u are –

  • Sekhmet: Transformation
  • Maat: Cosmic Balance
  • Horus: Slow Victory

Big change is necessary for you to find yourself. All change is painful, big or small. Yes you love your family, but in doing so it seems like you have forgotten how to love yourself.

Is self-love selfish? I don’t think so. When one is not able to love oneself, how can he/she love someone else wholeheartedly? While you love your family, it seems to me they have become a source of stress or burden for you. How long before you will start to blame them for your unhappiness?

Think about it 🙂 Maat calls for balance, internally within yourself, as well as externally to your family and your life.

Horus – who had to fight Seth (his uncle) for his rightful place in the world – had to find victory the hard way. But understand that all journey contains lessons that prepare us for our higher purpose in this world.

Hey all 3 cards are Goddess/God cards, so their energies are with you already. You just have to find the strength and wisdom to take ownership of what u want in life. No one can decide for you. Nor should we wait for others to decide for us, right? 😉

If you can come for a healing session, perhaps I can do a Karmic Release for u, to help ease the transition/communication/

understanding with your family members. But anyhow, I hope this reply has been helpful, and perhaps shed some light or ideas to you.Blessings dear one. And good luck!

Sherwin, Priest of Anubis & Isis.

*Name changed for privacy reasons


Hi Sherwin,

Glad to get your prompt reply and it has been very meaningful to me…felt like you gave me a world to believe in at the right time. Thank you so much =))

This evening I had a discussion with my family members. They insisted on their opinions as usual. But surprisingly they changed their mind a little bit when I expressed my feelings & thoughts further. Eventually they allowed me to study with “terms & conditions”. I understand it’s difficult to have a big change in one day, but I will take it as a good start. Anyway, thank you again for giving me strength to stand up for myself! 😉

I am from Penang, not sure if I can fit into your busy schedule, but I like to know more about the healing session. Any chance you will visit Penang? I shall give you a good treat then, jalan-jalan cari makan! =)


Yours sincerely,


Free Isis Oracle Service

June 2, 2010 2 comments

Just got an idea.

Maybe I can start an online oracle service. No charges 🙂

Send in your questions and dilemma and I’ll see what I can do!

Okay the Cobra ‘Divine Awakening’ card flipped out, so I’m gonna do it!

Isis guide us all please…

A Memorable Healing

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Today’s healing would be memorable for me 🙂

At first we scheduled it for 4 pm, which would be after Cheryl’s Soul Contract reading (I recommended to my client/friend, of course) at 2.30 pm. But Sandy (from Violet Flame) calls to tell me that I might not have the healing room for that slot, so I decided to move it earlier to 12.30 – before Cheryl’s session.

This client is a young chap, quite active in sports, but recently suffered some heart problems. This was also his 4th session with me, making it easier to travel back to the past life that is causing this heart problem. So the Karma Lords and Metatron (along with Isis and Thoth and Maat – long guest list…) brought me back to a time during war, and it seems like the people were Japanese.

I was sitting near my client’s head during that time. Suddenly I perceived an image of someone jumping onto my client and stabbing him with a ‘spear’ thingy, then I also felt that his head was cut-off. So I proceeded to dislodge the energy remnants of the spear trauma (I asked again, and it seems to be a bayonet) – right after I told the angels to stitch back the neck to the head (morbid, I know, but what’s a healer to do…)

TIP: To close wounds I sometimes stuff a lotus flower into the wound to stop the psychic-bleeding. Then patch the wound with Light. The lotus will absorb and hold the Light in place for some time.

Initially I thought this client had a spirit attachment issue – his grandfather had passed away about 2 months ago due to heart failure. He was there with his grandfather when it happened. Turns out grandpa is innocent – sorry ah gong…

After the healing, I shared what I had learned with my client.

“Was it during the samurai times?” He asked.

“No, more like modern time soldiers…”

“World war 2?”

Most likely.

So off he went, and following protocol, the healing space has to be cleared and grounded after each session….

Since Cheryl’s session would take about an hour plus, I went downstairs to look for a lunch snack….


TIP: Karmic imprints are stored in the Soul Star Chakra, whereas (I believe) your Earth Star Chakra is the energy gateway to this reality – and other realities as well – so ground it properly! All this from Isis Lotus Healing Lvl 2

I was already waiting outside when Cheryl’s session was done. Client comes to tell me that Cheryl had told him the same thing.

About what? I asked.

The war incident, and being stabbed. And beheaded.

Wow… Did she mention any country?


Holy…. *Goosebumps!*

I mean, having similar findings is a good thing for us healers, allowing us to verify our reading skills and boost our confidence.

But having such an PRECISE recounting of tales…. Is spectacular! OMFG! (I’ll repent later with 20 Hail Isis for saying OMFG…)

Amazing! Even in the spiritual sense 😉

Well, at least now we have something to work with. You know, the doctors can’t do much even, as they are not yet sure what’s up with this client’s heart.

So at least someone does.

NOTE: Karmic severance takes up to 7 days to amount to full effect. Sometimes even up to weeks, to allow the physical body to synchronize itself to the energetic shifts of the energy body.

I’ll leave you folks to ponder on Metatron’s Cube…

Isis Lotus Healing 2

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Was that just four days? It felt like years 🙂 No I don’t mean that the classes were long… maybe because we traveled to so many places, different lifetimes, it felt like a much longer time.

Theory – meditation – practice – theory – meditation – practice

We practiced doing divination using cards. We were attuned to the energy of God Horus for the 3rd Eye and clarity – many times clarity of the Heart supersedes that of the eyes.

One of my favorite moments was the meditation of returning to the Halls of Amenti – where all the soul-records are contained. I think it lies under the physical body of the Great Pyramid, but exists only on the energy level. So if you want to go there, you need to use your energy body 😉 Not so easy yeah?

As Thoth is the Keeper of the Records, he needs to grant permission for your visit. The Hall itself it very long – as far as the eye can see, almost. The statues of all the Gods/desses line the walls, hundreds, far more than we know today. The most beautiful feeling occurred to me when Anubis said, “You are home finally.” A most blissful experience I cannot describe. Not like the place was some gorgeous tourist site you don’t wanna leave. Just a feeling of belonging somewhere safely.

Goddesses Isis and Maat also revealed to me how to uncover the Divine Seed Pearl in a human body – it lies within a lotus, within a lotus, within a lotus. Karmic contracts are stored within these Pearls… are you allowed to reorganize it? 😉

Day three was the energy attunement to Goddess Sekhmet, the Lion-Headed one. Sekhmet energy is fiery and is used for deep clearing and healing – during the attunement I open my mouth and felt myself breathing flames. Strangely enough Teacher Sri perceived me exploding in bright light when she touched my head during the attunement process.

As an extra thing, I also perceived the animal spirit guides for two of my classmates – a brown horse and a panther. During lunch:

“Hey, I think your animal spirit guide is a big black cat.”

“That’s so weird. I see a panther following me around during deep meditation!”

Incident two walking down the stairs:

“Do you like horses?”

“Yes, especially Unicorns. Why?”

“I saw your animal guide. It’s a horse, standing next to you in class.”

“Someone told me the same thing 3 days ago! What color is it?”



I guess it was because the energy vibration was very high in the class room after few days of constant meditation and invocation, hence this time I could actually SEE those animals clearly.

More about the classes later. Still recovering – letting the physical body adjust to the higher auric vibrations…

P.S. You may address me as a Priest of Isis now 🙂

Priest of What?

November 17, 2009 Leave a comment

I love this article by Elizabeth Jensen (my Teacher’s Teacher): ‘Secrets of the Ancient Egyptian Initiates’. In it she states, very simply:

  1. ‘… we can all become Priests and Priestesses by simply following a spiritual path and by devotion to a particular God or Goddess and their work.’
  2. ‘Gods and Goddesses are Archetypal energies – great energy pools of power.’
  3. ‘… if you constantly worked energetically with one Divinity you absorbed their energies and powers into your energy field and body…’

You do not have to shave your head (only if you think it’s cool), abstain from certain foods (only if you want to), or perform special rituals to show your devotion to a certain aspect. Your work, at the end of the day, will speak for itself.

The term of ‘Gods and Goddesses’ instantly conjure the impression of religion. I’d like to insist that spirituality does not equate to religion (neither does religion equate to spirituality, nowadays!).  For example, we cannot say that all doctors are healthy people, nor are all healthy people doctors. So the term ‘Gods and Goddesses’ refer instead to classifications of energy, specific patterns if you may. It can be otherwise categorized into color energy if you wish. For example:

  • Isis is bluish-white energy (sometimes silver, as associated with the Sacral Chakra). Sometimes Guan Yin shares the same light energy.
  • Anubis is velvety black energy
  • Osiris is green energy, for life and regeneration
  • Horus carries sky blue energy – sometimes turquoise – relating to freedom, power through royalty

All four of the above energies can be used (and have been used) for healing. Isis’ energy heals very deeply, through the body and energy centers, sometimes into past karmic wounds. Anubis heals through transforming wounds and scars and remove parasitic entities. Osiris renews life and spirit. Horus’ healing energy is soft, light, cool, and brisk – suitable for detoxification and outer protection of the shield aura.

Last but not least, constantly channeling one energy through your personal energy field (or Aura) enables you to slowly integrate that energy. Which means, the more work you do with Isis, for example, the easier (and stronger) her energy can flow through you.

The Earth-Store Bodhisattva

November 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Also known as Ksitigarbha – this interesting Bodhisattva Energy has been following me around for some time in 2008. And by ‘following‘ I mean showing many meaningful signs of his presence – you will definitely know when there are just too many sequential coincidences to be more than a ‘mere coincidence’. Here’s the highlight of it:

Ksitigarbha Wikipedia

It all began at a visit to the Perak Cave Temple, where I have not been to for in over 10 years. The statue of Ksitigarbha sat in the heart of this cave temple. As it was fairly dark (according to the camera), the photograph turned out very fuzzy at the shrine. One night a few months later while I was going through these pictures, I was struck by a feeling of bliss. Utter bliss and compassion. I don’t really know how to describe it, but I felt as if I was bursting with golden light. The feeling was so beautiful and serene – nothing I have ever felt before in my life – until tears came to my eyes.

My mother who was nearby was of course, fairly horrified and kept asking me what was wrong. All I could tell her was that everything is going to be just right.

About two months later, sadly, the Perak Cave Temple collapsed. Interesting enough, it was the central shrine that was most damaged. I never felt the presence of Ksitigarbha then on, but I am thankful that I once had. I trust I will meet him again in my future work when time comes. This experience has also led me to other Buddhas, especially Amoghasiddhi, the Fearless Buddha.

Why I want to tell you this story is because now, one year later, I discover that I used to be a High Priest for Anubis in a distant past life. Are you familiar with Anubis, the Egyptian God of he Underworld?

Like Ksitigarbha, Anubis is also the guide to the other side and protector of departed souls.

Same energy, different names? Perhaps.

Many often mistaken Anubis as a shadowy and frightening figure, but in fact, he is the patron of mummification, surgery, protection against dark forces, as well as removal of that which is no longer needed – and with that, qualifies Anubis as one of the Healing Divinities.

Your Spirit Guide

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment

Your Spirit Guide…

is not me 😉

Rather, it is a collection of your personal energy – something like your aura, or the sum of it. When your chakras (energy wheels) are all moving along smoothly, the total energy generated can manifest in the form of your spirit guide. Often, it is also a result of residue energies from past lives.

For me, Spirit Guides (SG’s) appear mostly in an animal form. This animal represents a part of you – your personality, your gifts and weaknesses (both latent and obvious), as well as the lessons your soul might need to learn in this lifetime.

Handsome Lion_002 WikipediaThere are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ SG’s. Neither will you find one that is ‘greater’ than another. For example, recently I found another variation of the Lion – the silvery mane was so awesome and beautiful I almost cried out during my meditation. This was a tender, noble, and regal lion (albeit, wounded). I contrasted this with another Lion which was the SG for another person I knew – so much power, but with anger and confusion.

Same SG animal – different function and wisdom. Different lessons to be learned.

Sometimes these SG’s do not take on a concrete shape – like a blur between a seagull and an eagle, or between a swan and a goose. However, the basic nature stays the same. Maybe it’s the life lessons that cause this transitioning of energies – flying, seeking, hunting, or nurturing?
Some people have no SG animals. Or at least, none that I am able to perceive during deep meditation. In worst cases, a person’s aura can be so fragmented until the SG is unable to manifest itself anymore. This is when the most intensive healing work is required.

Or sometimes, our aura can be invaded by other people’s animals or energies. I once looked into a friend’s aura (again, in deep meditation) and three animals sprang fiercely out of her back. I was shocked. And all three did not even belong to her! Of course, I managed to disperse these invasive energies, seal the wound, and channel healing to this person. Hopefully in time, her true SG will reveal itself to me. I also find that when a person’s SG is detached from the person, ill-health and unhappiness often presents itself. (The chakra that is blocked will tell you where/what the problem is, or vice versa)

After all, the physical condition is tied to the psychological one. Both are aspects of the soul energy.

The ancient Egyptians placed a lot of reverence to various animals, which were closely associated with many of the Gods/Goddesses. They become sacred animals. Hence I find that the Egyptian Healing system works very well with me (or indeed, the other way round). My Teacher even saw that I was a Priest of Anubis back in old Egyptian times (and only then I perceived my very own SG animal after so many years!)

Anubis Dog

The other good news is this:

Because the SG animal represents a person’s aura, healing the SG also directly heals the person’s physical body!