Isis Lotus Healing & Oracle Services

Isis Lotus Healing

Clearing, Balancing, Energizing – Your 1st Session

Drawing upon the Isis Lotus Healing system (founded by Elisabeth Jensen), Sherwin becomes a channel for the divine healing blue energy that calms and heals all physical, emotional, psychological, auric, and karmic wounds imprinted onto the body.

Each session will kick-off with a clearing of the energy field around the physical body, followed by clearing and balancing of the 9 Chakras (including the Soul Star and Earth Star Chakras). Energy is flowed through the healer’s hands onto different areas of the body to sooth pain and discomfort.

Often, physiological problems occur when the energy centers are sluggish, closed, or even hyperactive. The energy meridians after activation need also be properly grounded, to ensure that excess and unneeded energies can be released from the body.

You will also be attuned to the blue energy of Isis, so that your body will continue to repair itself days after the session – most clients report feeling refreshed (and re-inspired!) 48 hours after the healing. As such, some also opt for a monthly rejuvenation session to balance the intensity of modern everyday life.

Isis is the ancient Egyptian Goddess of Healing, Magic, and Spiritual Science and her energy oversees this process.

Session 2 – Karmic Release Healing

Karmic ties and past experiences that have embedded themselves into our energy body causes us to sometimes react with an inexplicable sense of anger, fear, attachment, or sometimes even pity, to specific people and situations around us.

Typically, Karmic Release is done during your second session – the first session is used for clearing, realigning, and introducing your energy body to the Isis blue healing light. This allows your body to start healing itself gradually.

Karmic Release then deals with deeply seeded energy-imprints that impede your physical health and spiritual development on more intricate levels – childhood events, trauma, and unresolved pain – and in many cases, wounds and imprints from various past lives/existences. This includes attachments and vows made in previous existences that no longer serve your higher purpose in this present life. Removing these burdens allow for more fulfilling relationships to occur now. In some cases, this can cause a person to detach themselves from toxic/abusive relationships.

Often, Karmic imprints are causes of chronic health issues like migraine, fatigue, and depression – as well as severe health issues like cancer, schizophrenia, and psychosomatic disorders.

Along with Mother Isis – Thoth, Keeper of the Akashic Records; and Maat, Keeper of Divine Balance, guide the Karmic Release process.

Your 3rd session: Activation of the Divine Seed Pearls

The ‘Divine Seed Pearls’ are (often latent) energy pools that contain the collective wisdom of a person’s Soul’s journey, throughout countless incarnations and existences. By activating these Divine Seed Pearls, latent spiritual energy can be awakened – and you will find yourself experiencing miracles and seeing divine wisdom/lessons in everything around you.

The Blue Seed Pearl located behind the 3rd Eye moves you toward your Soul Destiny, allowing you a heightened sense of spiritual awareness and purpose. In many cases, clients have reported to become more psychic after activating this Seed Pearl.

The Red Seed Pearl when activated, not only heals the physical body over time, but also strengthens it tremendously. Feel strong waves of energy ripple within you. The Red Seed Pearl is also the energy source that facilitates manifestation abilities, turning your dreams into reality.

The remaining three White Seed Pearls are also storages for the Soul’s wisdom, and as such, past fear and trauma will be cleared from all the Divine Seed Pearls, before being re-energized.

Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess of transformation and power, oversees this activation process.


Energy Exchange: RM180/session

Duration: 75 – 90 minutes/session



Isis Lotus Oracle Divination

Just like in ancient Egyptian days when all major decisions were made with the divine guidance of the Gods and Goddesses, the Isis Lotus Oracle Cards can help us make informed decisions in our lives today – be it for our health, career, or the relationships around us.

During this session, Sherwin likes to include an energy clearing and alignment, with focus given on the 3rd Eye for wisdom and divine guidance (or the Heart, if that is needed).

At times, your ‘Sacred Animal Guide’ will also reveal itself during these sessions, bringing along lessons/messages for you – animals are considered the sacred embodiment of specific divinities in old Egypt, and personify their corresponding power and wisdom. The falcon, an aspect of Horus, is a sign of victory but the lesson is to assert your power to claim what is yours. Are you ready to soar high in the sky?

Additional decks like the Archangel Oracle Cards will also be used should the need arise.

Horus, the Protector of the Sky, of Kings, and of Divine Vision guides this process.


Energy Exchange RM100

Duration 45 – 60 minutes

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