Meeting My Teacher

“What about your Feng Shui work?”

Most people who know me are curious and surprised. I’ve been consulting in Chinese Metaphysics for the past 5 years (how time flies!). Here’s my answer:

“Feng Shui is a tool to seek harmony in Life. It is the Earth aspect. Healing is the Human aspect, maybe even incorporating parts of the Heaven aspect too.”

After all, Heaven-Earth-Man collectively governs a person’s Destiny.

Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics has brought me many blessings. It’s a bloody great and fun job. It has also led me to meet many wonderful people, and my Teacher was one of them.

During a BaZi Module 3 class in Singapore back in 2005, I was seated next to this person. I found out that she was going through a great change in her life then, though I thought it strange: ‘How can someone going through such a painful challenge have such a vibrant energy?’

Of course, now I understand that Healing sometimes also means moving on from things that hinder you from peace, light, and joy in life. Conflicts are battles that yield great lessons in life (even Robin Sharma agrees here!) – that enables the soul to evolve into greater spiritual beings.

When my future-Teacher sat next to me in that class, I felt as if I’d known her for a very long time. Being a highly sensitive and private person, I had felt at total ease then. I would have left it at that, if not for the following occurrence 3 years later.

When a colleague of mine (now also an Isis Priestess herself) met my Teacher for the first time, I was struck by an image of the both of them standing before a massive shrine – the golden sand and stone pillars were unmistakably of ancient Egypt.

I knew my time to return to my spiritual roots was near.

You can find my Teacher here at the Blue Lotus. My life purpose became clear to me then.

  1. April 7, 2010 at 1:37 pm

    haha i juz attended Sri’s ISIS healing course! 🙂
    was searching on the words ‘DIVINE SEED PEARLS’ and bounced upon ur blog.
    Good work, keep it up!
    The world needs more spiritual healers indeed..

    • Sherwin
      April 8, 2010 at 9:05 am

      Hi Fellow Priest/ess,

      Thanks for bouncing by 🙂 and the encouraging words.

      Love & Light!

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