Goddess Saraswati

April 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Goddess Saraswati has been calling upon me lately. Even more after I got Jonathan Goldman’s ‘Angel & the Goddess’ CD – the 1st track is ‘Song of Saraswati’. Also especially since attending Stephanie’s Voice Healing workshop.

If you are new to Hindu cosmology, Saraswati is the Goddess of Wisdom, Purity, and Arts (including music and sound)…. Very 5th Chakra.

Her Vahana (vehicle) is the Swan (purity) and sometimes also the peacock (illusion of reality, Maya).

Where can I find a beautiful statue of her?


Angel Miracles 1 @Singapore

April 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Angel Miracles Level 1 will be happening next weekend, Apr 24 and 25 – Sri’s Blue Lotus.

Anyone in Singapore wanna join me at the class? 🙂

Really looking forward to it – especially since Sri just completed a brand new refresher of the entire Angel Miracles 1 to 4 at Adelaide with Elisabeth today!

Metal Alchemy – The IKEA Fork

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally I managed to bend the IKEA fork 🙂

Yeah slow learner but better late than never. Also I recently started to clear my Heart and Throat Chakras – thanks mostly to the people I met through TVF

Stephanie’s teaching on the voice sounding of the violet flame energy really broke through all the past life energy seals in my physical body.

Cheryl’s advise to meditate on my 3rd Eye and set upon it the violet flame really brought everything together. To bend the fork I also sent flames from my third eye (apparently my hands are less focused channels). She showed me this card from her Osho Zen deck which really inspired me

Like I was saying, Alchemy is to change the energetic properties of any matter, solid or otherwise. Once I master the metal, will move on to water – creating rain 🙂

P.S. Sometimes when one door opens, another opens at the same time. Or maybe I had to open my own Heart first.

Journal Entry: Awakening Your Healing Voice

April 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Much has happened in the past few weeks:

  • went for a Soul Contract reading with Cheryl at the Violet Flame
  • from there I found Stephanie for a sound healing session
  • last week I managed to attend Stephanie’s workshop ‘Awakening Your Healing Voice’ LvL 1

Indeed an eye (or rather, mouth) opener 🙂

Healing with the voice does not require physical contact with the client. Which I found a little surprising at first – can sound energy be as potent as direct transmission from the hands? Using the voice in different tones and syllables, I think I am now able to affect the energy body of another person.

Of course, my Throat Chakra is still in the process of clearing and resetting itself with the new energy grid.

One thing I really liked was the 10 Breath 7 Chakra exercise, which prepares you physically for light channeling by clearing and directing energy thru all Chakras and sending out from the Throat. When energy is channeled from the Heart and 3rd Eye, this ensures the information transmitted from the Throat is of compassion and divine wisdom.

I’d like to incorporate this voice tool into my healing practice. We learned how to intone the transmutation energy of the violet flame to clear spaces and energy blockages. We learned the sound to transmit compassion, for grounding energies, as well as to awaken each Chakra. Cool huh. Imagine combining both hands and voice 😉

The posturing exercises as well as the 5 element dance to awaken each element was really effective on me – especially the Fire walk. At the end of it I could perceive fire shooting out of my palms and 3rd eye for over 5 minutes! I guess it had a healing effect on my normally sluggish Solar Plexus Chakra…

Talk about singing – I can reach higher notes now. And much lower notes that I’ve never tried before. Did not know I could generate so much vibrato.

Can ground the whole room’s energy…

Next step? Am seriously considering flying to Penang next week just to attend Lvl 2 of Stephanie’s workshop!

A Song Healing

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Archangel Raziel, keeper of divine knowledge – I pray that you may reveal to me the knowledge of a past life that is still weighing heavily on my soul. That I may learn its wisdom and release it. May I receive this knowledge as I sleep. Thank you.

Just before I dozed off at 6 am I remember an image of a bishop (robes, miter, and staff) with long red hair. Could that have been me? Then another whisper of knowing made my heart sink:

Persecution by the church.


“Do you know that today’s the Spring Equinox?” Stephanie the Elven Princess – my healer for today – tells me.


“Yes, the actual day when day and night is equally long. The energies are in perfect balance.”

I thank her once more for seeing me on such short notice, and tell her a little about myself, my work with Isis and Egyptian energies, as well as my karmically blocked heart and throat chakras. Okay. She starts the session off with the Ascended Masters Oracle deck – I instinctively pick three cards: Thoth, Osiris, (the third?). The Thoth card comes with the message ‘Write’ (hence this article), while Osiris has ‘Father, Husband, Brother, Son’

Stephanie explains to me the importance of the retuning male energies to this world. I do not tell her that before entering the room I was looking at buying the Findhorn Flower Essences called ‘Masculine’…

On the healing bed now, I close my eyes and breathe in deeply. Stephanie, I presume sits at the head of the bed where I cannot see her. But it’s okay, and she starts to speak in a stricter, more solid tone. Her voice calls in the angels, benevolent energies, Archangel Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Zadkiel, Uriel…

She starts to sing in the most angelic voice, sometimes strong and stern, sometimes gentle. At intervals she channels Siriun speech (or is it Elvish, or the language of the Seraphim?) Whatever it is, it does not matter. I feel I understand the messages, lying there with my eyes closed. At what point did Osiris appear in my mind, I do not know. Am I channeling him? I see through his eyes, the legendary jeweled sarcophagus in which he will lie in, and Seth with close it shut, throw it into the Nile, and start THE chain reaction of events.

“Do you know why I did what I did?” Osiris asks me. Surely he knew the jeweled sarcophagus was a trap? The understanding dawns upon me like a slow thudding ache at the heart: So that Seth (Brother) will find his place as Chaos. So that Isis his wife (Husband) would learn the limits (or rather, limitlessness) of her powers, wisdom – most of all, love – and so become the Mother to one and all. So that Horus his son (Father) would overcome his trials to earn his title of Pharaoh-King.

I wept as this new realization, of what ‘masculine’ could also mean. Wisdom, sacrifice, unconditional compassion. The same way Yeshua the Christ chose to demonstrate his compassion and love and wisdom.

A new path opens before me, as Stephanie’s voice continues to channel new encodings, diminish old ones, and reveal more messages: ‘Forgive him, for he acted out of fear, for he did not know better. Forgive him, and love him.’

She continues. ‘Like Joan of Arc, you too were once gifted, chosen to hear the voice of the Divine. You offered your gifts to the Bishop in utter faith. But having taken your gifts he persecuted you. This shame, anger, and sense of betrayal you brought into this life with you.’

Inside me, another voice continues: ‘To remind you of your shame and anger in this life, you will adopt the name of Lucipher in the guise of Lucas, out of anger, out of spite.’

‘Forgive the Bishop, for he acted out of fear. For he knew not better. Most of all, forgive your self. It was not your wrong nor your shame to bear.’

Her voice moves into angelic song now, as I feel the strong vibrations sift through my physical body. I feel parts of my etheric body crack. Tears and then some more, as my chest expands more and more with each breath.

‘Release this fear and anger for it no longer serves you. Let it go let it go let it go….’ She continues to sing. She weeps with me too.

‘Lady Magdelene and Lord Yeshua are here with us. They will heal your heart…’ In my mind’s eye the same pink and green energies I perceived a month ago at Elisabeth Jensen’s class in Singapore appear. Yeshua/Osiris has the deepest brightest purest green energy.

Instinctively I know also who the Bishop is in this life time. I forgive you, for you acted out of fear. For you knew not better. I thank you for your lessons. I release my anger and shame for it no longer serves me. I thank you and love you unconditionally.

After more Siriun Star/Seraphim encodings and light activation, the session slows its momentum. Her voice sings softly now to bring all parts of my soul back to this time and day and place. Come back come back come back…

A few moments later I open my eyes. I stretch my arms, my ankles, my feet. Almost two hours (two lifetimes?) has gone by. I sit back down on to the chair and my head is still light, though not dizzy. I no longer feel the need to weep. This is what a miracle feels like, I say. I tell her also that I feel like just giving a long loud holler to the hills… But Stephanie has one more card for me to pick. I shuffle the deck and pick the cards on the top. Could today get anymore amazing than it already has? I pick two cards, instinctively:

First card: Paul the Venetian, with the message Artistic Expression (My Throat chakra has finally cleared?)

The second card? Open your Heart to Love, says Jesus.


Sound Therapy with the Voice @ the Violet Flame

Golden Solar Disc Meditation

February 24, 2010 2 comments

Been trying this meditation exercise for a few weeks now and I think it’s much easier for those starting out with meditation and energywork. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and you can sit on a chair or stand if you prefer. You can do this anytime of the day, but find a quiet place.

The solar disc meditation has a multi-layered effect – clearing & calming your energy centers (esp the 3rd Chakra) and protecting your auric body – and I believe – beautifying effects when done daily. I also use this to fight infection, boost immunity, and clear dark orbs.

Note that the color ‘Gold’ here is not as intense as orange. It is lighter, and gives a clean, crisp, light feeling; not warm but cool to the touch.

Step 1: Cleansing & Clearing

Visualize a wave of golden light sweeping through the entire room you are in, three times. When you become sensitive enough you may perceive gray orbs (residual energy) in your vicinity being purified by the golden light.

The gold light now sweeps through you, cleansing the surface of your aura.

For those familiar with Egyptian divinities, you can call upon the energy of Ra or Sekhmet to guide this meditation. Or for those more attuned to angelic energy, Angel Hamied has a bright golden vibration.

Step 2: Protection

Visualize the golden light forming a golden sphere or egg around you. This will be your protective shield – always have one during meditation. If you find that difficult, then imagine that you are standing/sitting inside a golden circle.

No external entities are able to enter this circle.

Step 3: The Solar Disc

Now see the golden light flowing into your crown chakra, cleansing and energizing this energy center for a few seconds (say, 10 secs). Then the golden light flows down to your brow chakra – same thing, circulating for some time. After the brow it goes down to your Throat –> Heart –> Solar plexus –> Sacral (below naval) –> Root Chakra –> Feet

Feel the golden light exit through the soles of your feet and into the ground. Wiggle your toes a bit at this point (part Grounding exercise as well!)

After energizing all your Chakras, next form a circle with your fingers of both hands, in front of you.

Open your eyes slightly and visualize a circular disc of light in your hands. The edges of the disc is golden but the center is white light. Hold for 30 seconds, then allow the disc to ‘expand’ slightly.

Gently place this solar disc over your Solar Plexus Chakra (area between chest and navel). The Solar Plexus Chakra is the center for personal power, and unfortunately the most easily damaged nowadays, likely due to the kind of society we are living in. Feel the warmth of the solar disc regenerating your personal power and self-belief. The solar disc also burns away any vampiric cords (energy parasites) that may be attached to this chakra.

Once you feel you are ready, you may slowly close your meditation session now. Thank your guardian angels, and you may send this light to any of your loved ones if you so choose, for healing and/or protection.

Additionally, you can also place a sun disc on any of your other Chakras that you feel require an energy boost. I’ve even tried it on a client’s face to make it more vibrant and healthy-looking! 🙂

P.S. To aid with abundance issues, meditate with a scarab within the solar disc. The scarab is the ‘rising sun’ avatar of Ra, the midday sun.

P.P.S. Come April all Healing sessions will be at RM120 per session. However, you can let me know if you are currently experiencing financial issues 🙂

Biggest Client Yet

February 20, 2010 Leave a comment

The width of the healing bed just fit the shoulders and arms of the client and his feet were hanging off the end of the bed – tall big chinese guy, this one.

Anyway, healing week is over, I’m happy on how smoothly everything went – and it’s time for a short rest. All follow-up sessions will be scheduled 2nd week of March onwards – is it time for your 3rd session already? 😉

For some client’s during the 1st session, if the auric body is already fairly clean and the chakras are fairly balanced, I will proceed into the Karmic Release process (which typically begins during the 2nd session onwards).

Today’s client had various blockages and entities. For example, even to start flowing blue light energy from the chest to the stomach takes a lot of effort – I imagine the blue light channeled thru my hands is somewhat like water that expands throughout the body – but this time the blue energy flow was more like individual streams that moved slowly to the other parts of the body.

Hence I focused instead on more clearing and removing – gunks of gray blobs as well as fluid-like entities (this time with tiny little annoying voices). Instinctively I called upon a whole choir of singing angels to ‘blast’ away the various entities – settled mostly around the solar plexus and stomach region. When the entities are blasted loose, you have to extract them one by one. Then, to make sure there are no ‘roots’ or residue, call upon Sekhmet’s purifying flame to wash the wounds (cauterize).

After extracting and washing, extracting and washing – an hour passed and I sensed a voice telling me ‘enough for now, stop and finish-up’. So I closed-up the energy body with Isis light (placed an extra solar disc as a shield – typically lasts 7 days) and finally, spiritual mummification to wrap-up the energy body.

Of course, through out the hour the client was deeply asleep and had no idea what was happening (all the vigorous pulling and tugging on my part would look somewhat exasperating to the onlooker!)

I’ll let you know if this client experiences purging in the next 48 hours.

p.s. At one point, I could sense the client’s soul rise up from the body right in front of me!

p.p.s. When I placed my hands on the stomach to flow in white light, I could physically feel a blob moving around the tummy area. Kinda shocked then.