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A Memorable Healing

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Today’s healing would be memorable for me 🙂

At first we scheduled it for 4 pm, which would be after Cheryl’s Soul Contract reading (I recommended to my client/friend, of course) at 2.30 pm. But Sandy (from Violet Flame) calls to tell me that I might not have the healing room for that slot, so I decided to move it earlier to 12.30 – before Cheryl’s session.

This client is a young chap, quite active in sports, but recently suffered some heart problems. This was also his 4th session with me, making it easier to travel back to the past life that is causing this heart problem. So the Karma Lords and Metatron (along with Isis and Thoth and Maat – long guest list…) brought me back to a time during war, and it seems like the people were Japanese.

I was sitting near my client’s head during that time. Suddenly I perceived an image of someone jumping onto my client and stabbing him with a ‘spear’ thingy, then I also felt that his head was cut-off. So I proceeded to dislodge the energy remnants of the spear trauma (I asked again, and it seems to be a bayonet) – right after I told the angels to stitch back the neck to the head (morbid, I know, but what’s a healer to do…)

TIP: To close wounds I sometimes stuff a lotus flower into the wound to stop the psychic-bleeding. Then patch the wound with Light. The lotus will absorb and hold the Light in place for some time.

Initially I thought this client had a spirit attachment issue – his grandfather had passed away about 2 months ago due to heart failure. He was there with his grandfather when it happened. Turns out grandpa is innocent – sorry ah gong…

After the healing, I shared what I had learned with my client.

“Was it during the samurai times?” He asked.

“No, more like modern time soldiers…”

“World war 2?”

Most likely.

So off he went, and following protocol, the healing space has to be cleared and grounded after each session….

Since Cheryl’s session would take about an hour plus, I went downstairs to look for a lunch snack….


TIP: Karmic imprints are stored in the Soul Star Chakra, whereas (I believe) your Earth Star Chakra is the energy gateway to this reality – and other realities as well – so ground it properly! All this from Isis Lotus Healing Lvl 2

I was already waiting outside when Cheryl’s session was done. Client comes to tell me that Cheryl had told him the same thing.

About what? I asked.

The war incident, and being stabbed. And beheaded.

Wow… Did she mention any country?


Holy…. *Goosebumps!*

I mean, having similar findings is a good thing for us healers, allowing us to verify our reading skills and boost our confidence.

But having such an PRECISE recounting of tales…. Is spectacular! OMFG! (I’ll repent later with 20 Hail Isis for saying OMFG…)

Amazing! Even in the spiritual sense 😉

Well, at least now we have something to work with. You know, the doctors can’t do much even, as they are not yet sure what’s up with this client’s heart.

So at least someone does.

NOTE: Karmic severance takes up to 7 days to amount to full effect. Sometimes even up to weeks, to allow the physical body to synchronize itself to the energetic shifts of the energy body.

I’ll leave you folks to ponder on Metatron’s Cube…


Metal Alchemy – The IKEA Fork

April 8, 2010 Leave a comment

Finally I managed to bend the IKEA fork 🙂

Yeah slow learner but better late than never. Also I recently started to clear my Heart and Throat Chakras – thanks mostly to the people I met through TVF

Stephanie’s teaching on the voice sounding of the violet flame energy really broke through all the past life energy seals in my physical body.

Cheryl’s advise to meditate on my 3rd Eye and set upon it the violet flame really brought everything together. To bend the fork I also sent flames from my third eye (apparently my hands are less focused channels). She showed me this card from her Osho Zen deck which really inspired me

Like I was saying, Alchemy is to change the energetic properties of any matter, solid or otherwise. Once I master the metal, will move on to water – creating rain 🙂

P.S. Sometimes when one door opens, another opens at the same time. Or maybe I had to open my own Heart first.

Journal Entry: Awakening Your Healing Voice

April 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Much has happened in the past few weeks:

  • went for a Soul Contract reading with Cheryl at the Violet Flame
  • from there I found Stephanie for a sound healing session
  • last week I managed to attend Stephanie’s workshop ‘Awakening Your Healing Voice’ LvL 1

Indeed an eye (or rather, mouth) opener 🙂

Healing with the voice does not require physical contact with the client. Which I found a little surprising at first – can sound energy be as potent as direct transmission from the hands? Using the voice in different tones and syllables, I think I am now able to affect the energy body of another person.

Of course, my Throat Chakra is still in the process of clearing and resetting itself with the new energy grid.

One thing I really liked was the 10 Breath 7 Chakra exercise, which prepares you physically for light channeling by clearing and directing energy thru all Chakras and sending out from the Throat. When energy is channeled from the Heart and 3rd Eye, this ensures the information transmitted from the Throat is of compassion and divine wisdom.

I’d like to incorporate this voice tool into my healing practice. We learned how to intone the transmutation energy of the violet flame to clear spaces and energy blockages. We learned the sound to transmit compassion, for grounding energies, as well as to awaken each Chakra. Cool huh. Imagine combining both hands and voice 😉

The posturing exercises as well as the 5 element dance to awaken each element was really effective on me – especially the Fire walk. At the end of it I could perceive fire shooting out of my palms and 3rd eye for over 5 minutes! I guess it had a healing effect on my normally sluggish Solar Plexus Chakra…

Talk about singing – I can reach higher notes now. And much lower notes that I’ve never tried before. Did not know I could generate so much vibrato.

Can ground the whole room’s energy…

Next step? Am seriously considering flying to Penang next week just to attend Lvl 2 of Stephanie’s workshop!

The Cobra & Other Stories

February 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Today I wondered where I was heading in this path as a Healer… so I consulted the Isis Oracle Cards:

Card 1: Cobra – Divine Awakening

The Cobra is often seen resting on the head-dresses of many Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, like the Isis and Sekhmet statues I have. The Cobra, or Wadjet, is also known as ‘the most powerful weapon against the enemies of Ra’, according to ancient lore. On a pharaoh’s crown it represents power and protection.

Interesting enough, the ancient Hindus considered the Cobra to represent the Kundalini energy, that rises from a person’s Base Chakra, spirals through each Chakra upwards to reach the 7th. Hence that is why Shiva, one of the most powerful Hindu Gods (also the Destroyer God) is often depicted meditating under the open hood of a giant cobra.

How miraculous that two powerful civilization decided on a similar matter of significance. Like I was discussing with today’s client, how on earth did the ancient Vedic sages perceive Goddess Durga to ride on a lion – reminds you of Goddess Sekhmet, no? And BOTH are Destroyer Goddesses to vanquish great evil.

Goes to show that Divine Logic is consistent…

Anyway, back to the card – what do I read from it? The notes say Divine Awakening, rising energy, spiritual enlightenment, and sacred sex. And yes, energy healing…

2nd Card: Scarab – Spiritual Awakening

Hmm. The Scarab heralds rebirth, renewed energy, abundance, and perseverance. The beetle is associated with Ra the Sun God, and can burrow through the sands of the desert (‘Challenges’ Card). The notes say travel to sunny places…

3rdCard: Giza Plateau – Sacred Journey

Training and initiation, draw upon ancient hidden wisdom and energy. In fact I drew this card twice in a row, did a reshuffle cos I didn’t get it the first time. But it seems like the overall 3 card msg is clearer now 🙂

To travel to Egypt? Hehe. Maybe that will yield more answers in my path as a Healer.

Or maybe I am given the task of opening the powerful Kundalini energy for others?

P.S. Speaking of cats. Right after the previous blog, a friend on my FB was tagged onto a picture of a cat. So I msg-ed her to take care and to do energy protection. Today she replied:

sherwin!!! more than interesting what you wrote! for 3 days i’m nearly causing car accidents and i also feel strange…and just two hours ago I gave it a serious thought! thanks! any practical suggestions from your Egyptian field ? (i have nothing against chinese either;)

Interesting huh? 😉 Walk the guided path…

How Does This Healing Thingy Work?

December 4, 2009 2 comments

Initially it was quite a challenge getting the idea across to friends and family. How does Energy Healing work?

What A Healer Does

Basically the Healer acts as a conduit or channel for Universal energy to flow, to the recipient. This is done by allowing/raising the Healer’s own personal energy field, or aura, to vibrate at a higher frequency (some say equal to that of the Earth’s rotation frequency)

Before Healing starts, I normally inform the client that I will need to touch the shoulders and upper back, to establish an energy link from my aura to theirs. Then, I will also be holding their feet to open their feet Chakras.

Sit & Relax

Universal energy allows healing to occur at an accelerated rate. All the client needs to do is to sit/lie down (depending couch or healing bed) and relax. In fact, falling asleep allows the energies to work deeper, as one become less inhibited during sleep – more receptive to the incoming energies. Some clients experience insightful dreams while asleep too.

Some client’s even doze off while sitting on the chair – so be wary that they don’t fall off!

What can the client expect to feel? Most feedback I get is a very warm sensation sweeping gently down the back. A few get a very cool sensation, like ‘metal in the bones’ (but without the biting). Some feel tingly all over. Some are overcome by a sense of relaxation and ease.

Some feel nothing special! 🙂 However, I must say no one has left the room feeling more anxious than when they arrived. Of course, at this point in time, there is only so much work done during the initial session. To see visible changes it normally takes around 3 sessions. And also, the deepest changes are not physical, but manifest in an emotional or spiritual way, like a changed (more positive) personality. A ‘New Me’, if you may.

Energyworks & Chakraworks

Each ‘Chakra’ is an energy center that govern various functions and organs on our body. There are seven major Chakras that run along the tip of the skull to the base of the spine.

Diagnosis starts first by isolating the problem to either the lower 3 Chakras, Upper 3 Chakras, or the Heart Chakra. Sometimes an illness is caused by a combination of two or more Chakras.

Some client’s Chakra system is so damaged or blocked that you just have to keep ‘washing’ the system top to bottom (7th back to 1st) for the first few sessions.

In standard cases, running energy through a Chakra realigns it to stable condition – not too sluggish or hyperactive. Some clients experience purging, emotional release, extremely deep sleep, or bursts of energy after healing sessions.

Spirituality VS Religion

It cannot be denied that most energy healing is a part of spirituality – this is what happens when your 7th Chakra is open, you will feel closer to the ‘Divine’ or Universe. However, it is not religion-bound. Meaning, you do not have to subscribe to a certain belief system for healing to occur. Nor do you have to chant mantras or worship something you do not want to. Like I said, just sit and relax. You don’t even have to believe me – just experience it for yourself!

The Isis Lotus Healing system does have its own set of Ancient Egyptian Gods/Goddesses, however, they can also be seen as ‘energy pools’ or ‘vibrations of various frequencies’. Their physical form which many of us have come to be familiar with are merely physical manifestations to allow humans to ‘connect’ or identify with (You’d need the 6th sense to perceive their energy forms)

So these various pools of energy allows the healer to tap into them as resources for healingwork. Simple? It really isn’t that mysterious or complicated!

Cheers! 😉

Invoking Protection

November 27, 2009 Leave a comment

All Healing sessions begin with a prayer/call for protection. When we meditate or heal, we might open up channels to other energy beings – ‘spirits’ are also energy beings, albeit undirected or ‘lower energies’.

I call them ‘lower energies’ because in the Buddhist point-of-view, energies that are bound by their desire (Tanha) hence become Earthbound Spirits, unable to move forward to their next incarnation or soul purpose.

So before any healing, we normally call upon our protectors to watch over us as we work. Archangel Michael is a favorite protector against darker energies and psychic attacks. Sometimes he stays a little longer, cleansing our physical spaces of residual energies with his wings of fire, engulfing the entire room.

Call upon Archangel Michael in times of fear or when you are disturbed by wandering spirits.

If you are more inclined to a Buddhist approach, call upon Goddess Sitatapatra – the White Umbrella Boddhisatva. Her energy is also fiery and cleansing – warm, searing, and bright. She made her presence known to me one year before I started healing-work (only lately I realized why she had come into my life so early on).

Goddess Sitatapatra opens her great white umbrella – made of golden-white energy – to shield you as you work or meditate. It is so huge that it covers my entire house! Any wonder souls that approach will be instantly driven towards the light (like that centipede spirit that insisted on paying us several visits… )

When Lightworkers do their work, the light of compassion that radiates from their Heart Chakra becomes like a beacon of light to those wandering souls. They often seek revenge, or cannot forget their loved ones; but whatever it is, their desires leave them in a constant state of suffering and pain for not being able to move on to the next incarnation stage.

For all to come to us, it is our obligation to point the way towards the light. And while we will never have ALL the answers, everyday is a lesson for us as we strive towards spiritual perfection.

Stay safe!

P.S. In case you’re wondering – Fire is consistently considered the cleansing element in almost every spiritual system. In fact, our 3rd Chakra at the Solar Plexus is considered as the ‘Lotus of Fire’ – when properly developed, allows one to resist (or even destroy) black magic and psychic attacks.


November 26, 2009 Leave a comment

Today a friend of mine asked me, “Hey, I read your blog. You really can see all those things?”

I presume he meant all those energy forms and entities. (Just what I need – another person thinking I’m a loony…) I don’t literally SEE; instead I would say that I PERCEIVE – well, okay, sometimes I do ‘see’ in my mind’s eye when something is going on in a client’s energy field. Anyway, for example today while I was giving a short healing session (I will call these Rejuvenation sessions from here on, which lasts about 35 mins) to The Swan client, her second session from last week.

During the ‘aligning of the spine’ (to make sure energy from the top Chakra reaches the bottom last one), the Chakra at the throat had a slight ‘bump’ – in fact, twice my hands went askew as it was passing nearby it.

After the session I asked her if she had a sore throat, to which she said, “Yes, I just saw the doctor yesterday. How did you know?”

The answer was as above 🙂 That’s how ‘perceiving’ works. Most Healers use their Hands not only as channels for energy, but also to feel or scan the client’s energy field for irregularities.

And the thing with ‘perceiving’ is that sometimes you get a flash of something and you instantly know what it is. Someone has asked me before, do these energy beings (Egyptian Gods) communicate in English or Egyptian? It’s a funny, but legitimate question. The answer is, neither!

Energy beings don’t speak in that way. Psychic communication goes through feelings, and not words. Most of time, one touch/feel can tell you a whole paragraph.

And hey, The Swan tells me that her lower back is improving already since last week 😉

Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the palm of the hands, as well as the soles of out feet, houses a minor Chakra each. The function of the feet Chakra is to release excess energy back to the Earth. Similarly, it can receive energies from the Earth. These points are governed by the Root Chakra. The Chakras at the palms allow us to transmit energy, and they are directly governed by the central Heart Chakra. Some teachings view these Chakras as Eyes (refer White Tara), while others as Lotuses, and some, spinning orbs of energy.

And sometimes you can even receive energy through the palms: Like when Isis stands next to you and reaches out her palm – reach out yours, too.