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Wisdom Healing with Tarot – A Life-Healing Workshop by Sherwin Ng

March 24, 2012 Leave a comment

It’s been forever since I’ve blogged here. I apologize. But I am back – bigger, better, wiser… and perhaps, more compassionate 🙂

I’ve been receiving requests by students and clients for awhile to teach oracle card reading and Tarot reading. I wasn’t ready before because I felt I needed to devote time into doing healings and private sessions, and at the same time, working through my own healing and growing. So now I finally feel the time is right.

Tarot has helped me work through most of my deep-seated insecurities and past-lives very, very quickly. Hence I call it ‘Wisdom Healing’, meaning, to start our personal healing journey by gaining awareness on what needs to be healed – where to start and where to look at.

Having said that, these classes are not for everyone. Come only if you are prepared to have a truthful look at yourself and your inner world. Are you ready to heal? Are you prepared for the work that is required for you to become a better You? Do you dare discover your own divine spark?

As we shed the layers of pain and guilt from inside us, the lighter we become. And the lighter we are, the stronger we become. The more we heal, the more we are able to allow and manifest joy and grace into our lives. ‘Lighter’ to me means ‘being able to contain more Light’. If card-dreading is really your thing, these classes even prepare you to become a serious reader-practitioner of Tarot to help others. But we always start with our own healing, and reclaiming of power, as such.

The overlighting divinity(ies) for this workshop would be the Atlantean Lord Apollo and perhaps even the Goddess Isis of Atlan-Egypt. Simple meditations and theory of energy will be included, along with 2 attunements to energize the Chakra and meridian systems, especially the Heart Chakra and 3rd Eye – for compassion, wisdom, and clarity.

I will consider this as Level 1 of the Wisdom Healing series, where we will cover

  • Major & Minor Arcana
  • Personal Guidance cards for each person
  • Health diagnoses
  • Energy diagnoses
  • Wealth & Abundance blockages
  • Relationship readings
  • common card spreads and unique card spreads

Plus my own experience in reading and channeling for people. We may or may not be going into past-life reading and healing, depending on the intensity of the class and students. Spread over 5 weeks, classes are once a week at 3 hours/class. Lots of practice provided and required. The week in between allows students to journal and practice on some homework – so that after the intensive 5 classes, you then have enough theory and practical experience to read for others – and charge for it.

If this resonates with you, or if you need more information, email us at

In Level 2 we will incorporate an Oracle deck as well as other unique spreads, plus explore various healing methods using Tarot – such as connecting with our guides, karmic clearing, and soul retrieval using Tarot.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?


A Song Healing

March 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Archangel Raziel, keeper of divine knowledge – I pray that you may reveal to me the knowledge of a past life that is still weighing heavily on my soul. That I may learn its wisdom and release it. May I receive this knowledge as I sleep. Thank you.

Just before I dozed off at 6 am I remember an image of a bishop (robes, miter, and staff) with long red hair. Could that have been me? Then another whisper of knowing made my heart sink:

Persecution by the church.


“Do you know that today’s the Spring Equinox?” Stephanie the Elven Princess – my healer for today – tells me.


“Yes, the actual day when day and night is equally long. The energies are in perfect balance.”

I thank her once more for seeing me on such short notice, and tell her a little about myself, my work with Isis and Egyptian energies, as well as my karmically blocked heart and throat chakras. Okay. She starts the session off with the Ascended Masters Oracle deck – I instinctively pick three cards: Thoth, Osiris, (the third?). The Thoth card comes with the message ‘Write’ (hence this article), while Osiris has ‘Father, Husband, Brother, Son’

Stephanie explains to me the importance of the retuning male energies to this world. I do not tell her that before entering the room I was looking at buying the Findhorn Flower Essences called ‘Masculine’…

On the healing bed now, I close my eyes and breathe in deeply. Stephanie, I presume sits at the head of the bed where I cannot see her. But it’s okay, and she starts to speak in a stricter, more solid tone. Her voice calls in the angels, benevolent energies, Archangel Michael, Raphael, Metatron, Zadkiel, Uriel…

She starts to sing in the most angelic voice, sometimes strong and stern, sometimes gentle. At intervals she channels Siriun speech (or is it Elvish, or the language of the Seraphim?) Whatever it is, it does not matter. I feel I understand the messages, lying there with my eyes closed. At what point did Osiris appear in my mind, I do not know. Am I channeling him? I see through his eyes, the legendary jeweled sarcophagus in which he will lie in, and Seth with close it shut, throw it into the Nile, and start THE chain reaction of events.

“Do you know why I did what I did?” Osiris asks me. Surely he knew the jeweled sarcophagus was a trap? The understanding dawns upon me like a slow thudding ache at the heart: So that Seth (Brother) will find his place as Chaos. So that Isis his wife (Husband) would learn the limits (or rather, limitlessness) of her powers, wisdom – most of all, love – and so become the Mother to one and all. So that Horus his son (Father) would overcome his trials to earn his title of Pharaoh-King.

I wept as this new realization, of what ‘masculine’ could also mean. Wisdom, sacrifice, unconditional compassion. The same way Yeshua the Christ chose to demonstrate his compassion and love and wisdom.

A new path opens before me, as Stephanie’s voice continues to channel new encodings, diminish old ones, and reveal more messages: ‘Forgive him, for he acted out of fear, for he did not know better. Forgive him, and love him.’

She continues. ‘Like Joan of Arc, you too were once gifted, chosen to hear the voice of the Divine. You offered your gifts to the Bishop in utter faith. But having taken your gifts he persecuted you. This shame, anger, and sense of betrayal you brought into this life with you.’

Inside me, another voice continues: ‘To remind you of your shame and anger in this life, you will adopt the name of Lucipher in the guise of Lucas, out of anger, out of spite.’

‘Forgive the Bishop, for he acted out of fear. For he knew not better. Most of all, forgive your self. It was not your wrong nor your shame to bear.’

Her voice moves into angelic song now, as I feel the strong vibrations sift through my physical body. I feel parts of my etheric body crack. Tears and then some more, as my chest expands more and more with each breath.

‘Release this fear and anger for it no longer serves you. Let it go let it go let it go….’ She continues to sing. She weeps with me too.

‘Lady Magdelene and Lord Yeshua are here with us. They will heal your heart…’ In my mind’s eye the same pink and green energies I perceived a month ago at Elisabeth Jensen’s class in Singapore appear. Yeshua/Osiris has the deepest brightest purest green energy.

Instinctively I know also who the Bishop is in this life time. I forgive you, for you acted out of fear. For you knew not better. I thank you for your lessons. I release my anger and shame for it no longer serves me. I thank you and love you unconditionally.

After more Siriun Star/Seraphim encodings and light activation, the session slows its momentum. Her voice sings softly now to bring all parts of my soul back to this time and day and place. Come back come back come back…

A few moments later I open my eyes. I stretch my arms, my ankles, my feet. Almost two hours (two lifetimes?) has gone by. I sit back down on to the chair and my head is still light, though not dizzy. I no longer feel the need to weep. This is what a miracle feels like, I say. I tell her also that I feel like just giving a long loud holler to the hills… But Stephanie has one more card for me to pick. I shuffle the deck and pick the cards on the top. Could today get anymore amazing than it already has? I pick two cards, instinctively:

First card: Paul the Venetian, with the message Artistic Expression (My Throat chakra has finally cleared?)

The second card? Open your Heart to Love, says Jesus.


Sound Therapy with the Voice @ the Violet Flame

Isis Card

February 19, 2010 Leave a comment

Another dilemma today, so I did what every diviner would do – draw a card from the Isis Lotus Oracle (or whichever your suitable poison be)

I drew Isis – Magic & Healing

While the Isis card of the Isis deck is no ‘get-out-of-jail’ card, it means everything is within control, if only one applies wisdom and patience. Just like how Isis herself had to go through so much pain to save her son and husband, testing the limits of her intelligence and magical skills.

I also remember, during the Opening of the Mouth ceremony and calling upon Goddess Isis, she said she was the ‘ruler of the sun and moon’… it dawned to me the magnitude of her energy – but with the quiet compassion and relentless perseverance… not easy to achieve.

This card also tells me to quit the ‘poor me’ attitude! 😛

Of course, as with all other God/Goddess card – you can meditate on the respective card for guidance and divine intervention (sometimes!) and to learn the wisdom for the trial you are facing.

Gotta go for a jog now! Ciao!

Another Journal Entry

February 7, 2010 Leave a comment

Have just finalized the hotel reservation and flight tickets for Singapore next month. Damn looking forward to the class and healing with Elizabeth Jensen – my Teacher’s Teacher – even though it is one month away.

But February, we are sure, will breeze by soon enough. Plus my healing sessions from 16 till 21 are almost fully booked! Yay 🙂 Every client always brings along his/her own story to the healing table…

Today’s healing was a surprisingly ‘strong’ experience for me. Right after opening and clearing the Feet Chakras (golden light) my vision was blurry with pink and purple haze. I honestly thought I was going to faint!

But I checked my balance and it did NOT feel like I was going to tumble. In fact, I could strongly feel my arms, hands, and standing legs! Yet everything was still pinkish, like a funny light. Only later I realized it was energy that I ‘saw’… because my client told me she saw the same thing.

(Another WTF moment…)

During the closing of this healing session I had sat myself down on a chair next to the client, with my left hand on her shoulder. I called upon the Goddess energy that I felt was present today, and instantly, Bast presented herself to my mind’s eye. In fact, she said that ‘she had come to reclaim her priestess’ (imagine the client’s surprise when I told her later).

This was my first time experiencing Bast energy… very light, tingly, and full of JOY! As I sat there I even smiled, because the energy was so light and gentle and… fluffy (?!). To say the least, a wonderful experience for me 🙂

Oh, Bast has a human form by the way. Long black hair… I think.

Bast, the Cat Goddess, reminds us to enjoy and value ourselves, and to solve problems intelligently. She also presides over healing of sexual and psychic problems – don’t underestimate the ferocity of a cat! Bast is also a protector goddess and a solar goddess – which means her energy can burn and destroy when necessary.

So far, all I can say is that I am thankful that all the people that are sent to me has taught me something new, or different, or to remind me to mindful 😉

Many thanks to Isis and all the ancient Egyptian divine energies for healing all my clients (they’re all happy), and also me.

Your Journey to Healing

February 1, 2010 Leave a comment

Isis Lotus Healing: An Overview

The Isis Lotus Healing is a gentle but effective energy healing system that is founded by Elizabeth Jensen, centered upon the wisdom and teachings of Ancient Egyptian medicine.

Isis is the Goddess of Magic, Healing, and Spiritual Science, and her Healers flow her blue healing light to repair not only the physical body, but also the auric body, which also encompasses the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of a human.

Before a Healing

A healing session normally lasts 1 hr and 15 minutes (including consultation). A complete course requires 3, sometimes 4 sessions.

Come in comfortable clothes.

During the first half of the healing session when you lie faced down on the healing bed, the Healer requires placing his/her hands on your

· Shoulders and palms

· Feet

· Upper and lower back

· Head

· Sometimes knees and calves

During the second half of the healing session you are required to lie on your back, facing upwards. Many clients tend to doze-off here. The Healer will place his/her hands for healing on your

· Shoulders and arms

· Feet

· Stomach

· Knees and lower leg

· Forehead and sometimes, cheeks

· Head

Healing energy can be directed to areas like the chest (Heart Chakra) and pelvic area (Root and Sacral Chakra) via the adjacent Chakras (throat and stomach). Energy can also be channeled by holding the hands one to two inches ABOVE the required area, without touching.

Come with a friend if you are unsure. Do not hesitate to ask questions before, after, and even during the healing process. Being relaxed allows healing to occur more effectively and quickly. You are allowed to stop the session at any time you feel uncomfortable (there are no side-effects) – it is your body after all!

Your Journey to Healing

1st session: Cleansing the Energy Body

Your energy body (auric field) is introduced for the first time to the Isis blue light healing energy. Clearing of residue energy and impurities that are attached to your energy body is done using the Healer’s hands as ‘combs’. Complex particles can normally be successfully removed by using the ‘violet flame transmutation’ method.

Opening of the Feet Chakras allows excess energy to flow back to the Earth (Grounding) – this is in fact one of the most crucial aspects in basic meditation and energywork. The Feet Chakras later allows energy to be flowed FROM the Earth into the body, for nourishment.

Next, each of the seven Chakras – plus, two more; the Soul Star and Earth Star – are opened, cleared, and re-energized to ensure they are all spinning at a consistent rate. This in turn allows energy to flow smoothly within and around your body – good physical and emotional health. After all, the Chakras are the core energy centers that govern vital organs and bodily functions in a person. Nefertum, the Lotus-born, oversees this process.

Finally, you will be conferred energy/psychic protection after all the healing in completed. This is to ensure that the healing energy stays within your energy feild for as long as possible (often 7 to 14 days), as well as to negate any negative psychic attacks that you may encounter. Nuit, the Night Sky Goddess, oversees this process. Anubis, the Guardian of Lost Souls, is sometimes called upon to deal with darker, more stubborn entities that may be involved.

2nd session: Karmic Clearing

Karmic ties and past experiences that have embedded themselves into our energy body causes us to sometimes react with an inexplicable sense of anger, fear, attachment, or sometimes even pity to certain people around us.

The 2nd session will focus on clearing energy-imprints that impede your physical health and spiritual development at various levels – childhood events, trauma, and unresolved pain – and in many cases, wounds and imprints from various past lives/existences. This includes attachments and vows made in previous existences that no longer serve a higher purpose in this present life. Removing these burdens allow for more fulfilling relationships to occur now. In some cases, this can cause a person to detach themselves from abusive relationships.

Along with Isis – Maat, the Principle of Balance and Justice; and Thoth, the Keeper of Karmic Records, oversee this level of karmic healing.

Karmic Clearing also allows the removal of entities that may be attached to you from previous lives – past lovers and family members, vengeful spirits, spells and curses – that hinder positive growth in this life. Often, these are causes to chronic health issues like migraine, fatigue, and depression. Depending on the severity of the case, Anubis, or the fiery energy of Goddess Sekhmet can be invoked for this purpose.

3rd session: Activation of the Divine Seed Pearls

The ‘Divine Seed Pearls’ are (often latent) energy pools that contain the collective wisdom of a person’s Soul’s journey, throughout countless incarnations and existences. By activating these Divine Seed Pearls, latent spiritual energy can be awakened – and you will find yourself experiencing miracles and seeing divine wisdom/lessons in everything around you.

The Blue Seed Pearl located behind the 3rd Eye, moves you toward your Soul Destiny, allowing you a heightened sense of spiritual awareness and purpose. In many cases, clients have reported to become more psychic after activating this Seed Pearl. Isis, along with her son Horus, the Eagle God, guides this process.

The Red Seed Pearl when activated, not only heals the physical body over time, but also strengthens it tremendously. Feel strong waves of energy ripple within you. Sekhmet, the Lion Goddess, oversees this activation. The Red Seed Pearl is also the energy pool that facilitates manifestation abilities, turning your dreams into reality.

The remaining three White Seed Pearls are also storages for the Soul’s wisdom, and as such, past fear and trauma will be cleared from all Divine Seed Pearls, before being re-energized.

Other Common Cases

  • Relationships – for women, the Goddess Hathor can be called upon to facilitate compassion, love, and marriage – along with dance and music, the spice of life. Hathor also teaches women the importance of nurturing yourself, before you are fully able to nurture others. For men, Osiris the ‘Perfect Male Principle’ as well as the God of Fertility is invoked for guidance.
  • Abundance – the energy of the Scarab is often associated to abundance and wealth. Additionally, Amun-Ra, the Creator Sun God, teaches the power of wise manifestation.
  • Power & Foresight – are the special qualities of Horus, as well as protection, wisdom, and victory. Seek his guidance during career blocks.
  • Sexual Issues – such as abuse, repression, as well as depression, often sees the arrival of Bast, the Cat Goddess of joy and regeneration. She teaches one to accept joy and liberation into their lives – qualities so often forgotten in today’s society.
  • Cancer – depending on the severity, Sekhmet often guides this healing, using her fiery energy to clear away negative cells. Then, the energies of the Ankh and the Flower of Life lend regeneration of new, healthy cells in the body.

Opening of Mouth Ceremony

January 24, 2010 Leave a comment

The ‘Opening of Mouth’ Ceremony is done to imbue the statue of God/dess with the energy of that God/dess.

Recently found three beautiful statues of Isis, Sekhmet, and Anubis – thanks to my Teacher in Singapore. The Opening Ceremony was just done – and I must say it went very well.

Beautiful Isis statue with the sun-disk on her head, and wings to protect her children. The blue flower mirror behind is actually a gift from an old friend a long time ago. That crystal is my Isis meditation crystal.

I perceived Isis as a silver swirling light that entered the statue.

Sekhmet’s energy, as expected, is fiery and strong – like a pyramid of fire burning around her.

A friend who was with me in the room during the ceremony ‘saw’ the candle lights grow high up to the ceiling during Sekhmet’s Opening of Mouth.

Anubis’ shadow energy was a bit scarier for my friend – she perceived my shadow becoming very tall and sharp at the head – ‘like dog ears?’ I asked later. And she gasped in agreement!

Funny thing happened during the Anubis meditation, I perceived Anubis in his dog form and he waited outside my healing room door.

So I actually stood up to open the door (much to the confusion of my friend). Then I ‘carried’ the Anubis energy onto the altar to which he entered the statue. Fairly dramatic but I felt only then was the ceremony truly completed.

I would also like to thank my friends who helped me carry my new healing bed (becomes heavy after awhile!) and statues through customs and all the way from Singapore with me 🙂 Thanks so much. I really could not have managed without all of you!

May Anubis, the Lord of the Underworld, Surgery, and Healing, protect us against all harm from physical injuries as well as dark forces.

Isis Lotus Healing 2

January 13, 2010 Leave a comment

Was that just four days? It felt like years 🙂 No I don’t mean that the classes were long… maybe because we traveled to so many places, different lifetimes, it felt like a much longer time.

Theory – meditation – practice – theory – meditation – practice

We practiced doing divination using cards. We were attuned to the energy of God Horus for the 3rd Eye and clarity – many times clarity of the Heart supersedes that of the eyes.

One of my favorite moments was the meditation of returning to the Halls of Amenti – where all the soul-records are contained. I think it lies under the physical body of the Great Pyramid, but exists only on the energy level. So if you want to go there, you need to use your energy body 😉 Not so easy yeah?

As Thoth is the Keeper of the Records, he needs to grant permission for your visit. The Hall itself it very long – as far as the eye can see, almost. The statues of all the Gods/desses line the walls, hundreds, far more than we know today. The most beautiful feeling occurred to me when Anubis said, “You are home finally.” A most blissful experience I cannot describe. Not like the place was some gorgeous tourist site you don’t wanna leave. Just a feeling of belonging somewhere safely.

Goddesses Isis and Maat also revealed to me how to uncover the Divine Seed Pearl in a human body – it lies within a lotus, within a lotus, within a lotus. Karmic contracts are stored within these Pearls… are you allowed to reorganize it? 😉

Day three was the energy attunement to Goddess Sekhmet, the Lion-Headed one. Sekhmet energy is fiery and is used for deep clearing and healing – during the attunement I open my mouth and felt myself breathing flames. Strangely enough Teacher Sri perceived me exploding in bright light when she touched my head during the attunement process.

As an extra thing, I also perceived the animal spirit guides for two of my classmates – a brown horse and a panther. During lunch:

“Hey, I think your animal spirit guide is a big black cat.”

“That’s so weird. I see a panther following me around during deep meditation!”

Incident two walking down the stairs:

“Do you like horses?”

“Yes, especially Unicorns. Why?”

“I saw your animal guide. It’s a horse, standing next to you in class.”

“Someone told me the same thing 3 days ago! What color is it?”



I guess it was because the energy vibration was very high in the class room after few days of constant meditation and invocation, hence this time I could actually SEE those animals clearly.

More about the classes later. Still recovering – letting the physical body adjust to the higher auric vibrations…

P.S. You may address me as a Priest of Isis now 🙂